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Treat to Try: Companion Bagel

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Companion Bagel
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Companion Bagel made its first blip on the personal radar months and months ago; about 48 hours before it took a winter break from business.

There is nothing lonelier and more desperate than knowing your Companion is out there, and totally unreachable for an undetermined amount of time… even if that Companion is a piece of bread. Seriously, there could be no more effective marketing tool for a product; the name itself introduces longing, even before a proper introduction.

Stumbling upon the MIA Companion at a farmer’s market was then a happy coincidence. Now faced with the opportunity, it’s hard to resist the urge to stockpile Companions: buy all the bagel-buddies. But, as bagels are at their best on the first day, hoarding for the long-run seems like a risk to an otherwise harmonious relationship. Besides, Companion Bagels are sold in three-packs ($7), so you’re already on board for multiples.

Like any bagel, Companion Bagel’s offerings are dense and chewy; substantial — that’s the nature of the beast. They’re billed as artisan, sourdough bagels, boiled with malt syrup and made with organic ingredients. In the case of the Everything Bagel, the thing that stands out the most is the seasoning that gives the bagel its name. Companion’s version is almost entirely encased in an earth-toned rainbow of savory sprinkles (more than just the typical crown on top). That coating does more than provide a salty flavor. It’s busy, at one minute briny, at another minute, it’s something from the winter holidays with spruce undertones.

Companion Bagels are part of the Companion Baking project. When the baking team is not making mischief in bagelry and bread making, it makes a name for itself in the pop-up restaurant business as a gourmet sandwich shop. The shop has made appearances at Dough Mama and Global Gallery, serving creations built on its artisanal bread foundations.

For more information, visit www.companionbagel.com.

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