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Treat to Try: Colonial Candy in Clintonville

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Colonial Candy in ClintonvillePhotos by Lauren Sega.
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Colonial Candy isn’t particularly new. It’s a traditional candy store in Clintonville where you can buy chocolates by the ounce or by the pound. There are stations with every color of M&M and every flavor of Jelly Belly. There’s also a section of wrapped candies that includes PopRocks and Bun candy bars.

And there’s ice cream from a Hilliard institution: The Little Ice Cream Shoppe. The cooler is stationed at the back, with a selection of flavors that range from classic strawberry to Superman. You can buy it in scoops, and you can buy it by the pint. In fact, if you buy it by the pint, they’ll hand-pack whatever combo of flavors seems like a good idea to you. Espresso Chip works exceedingly well with the house chocolate ice cream. The former is a super creamy, coffee-tinged ice cream loaded not with chips, but chunks. The chocolate blobs are big enough to appreciate. As for the house chocolate ice cream, it’s made with Ghirardelli, and it makes a difference in the quality of the product. Chocolate ice cream that is made with syrup or cocoa powder is ice cream made without chocolate. Chocolate (like Ghirardelli) has cocoa butter, and cocoa butter offers a depth of flavor and smoothness that is unique. It makes for chocolatey chocolate ice cream.

And, since we’re on the subject of chocolate, it’s hard to keep tunnel vision on the ice cream when there is a selection of Ben Heggy’s Canton-made chocolates in the visual field. The ice cream is next to counters of a tempting array of confections that includes turtles and pretzels. Each features a thick shield of silky smooth, rich milk chocolate — it’d be a shame to miss all that.

You can find the ice cream and candy at 3519 N. High St.

For more information, visit colonialcandyshop.com.

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