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Treat to Try: Cherbourg Bakery

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Cherbourg BakeryPhoto by Lauren Sega.
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In this day an age, it should come as no surprise to learn that the sugarplum fairies have goodies safe for the gluten-free crew. A way of life that was once reserved for those with a rare disease is now part of a mainstream lifestyle; gluten-free products are an easy find at grocers and restaurants. They’re everywhere.

Cherbourg has a long, proud history as a gluten free purveyor, and operates a Bexley bakery around the corner of Drexel and Main. It boasts all the traditional trappings, with a high bakery counter loaded with a cavalcade of sweet baked goods: cookies, scones and muffins. Anywhere else, these goods would be made with wheat flour, but Cherbourg uses only ingredients without gluten in its kitchen. That said, given the variety, a guest wouldn’t necessarily guess that anything is missing from the bakery’s wares.

That is to say, while gluten is missing, it’s not missed. It’s not missed at all. The house baked goods deliver everything needed for full bingeing enjoyment. Case in point: a seasonal Eggnog Donut hits the mark with a perfectly cakey base that supports a solid coating of nutmeg enhanced icing. If you hit the bakery in the off-season and miss the eggnog version, that’s your loss, but you’ll find plenty of consolation in the chocolate or cinnamon donuts.

Alternately, there’s a genius S’mores Bar. It boasts a dense and chewy graham base with lush swirls of sweet marshmallow creme and chunks of chocolate chips strewn throughout. It’s hard to justify sitting in front of fire struggling with flaming marshmallows, when Cherbourg’s offering is an easy win.

The bakery offers savory items as well (Cheesy Bites and and an Olive mini-loaf served with Hartzler butter, for example) and makes a promising breakfast stop with its quiche and strata options. All its wares are gluten-free, and nut and dye-free too.

You’ll find it at 541 S. Drexel Ave.

For more information, visit cherbourgbakery.com.

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