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Treat to Try: The Cheesecake Girl Cream Puffs (And More!)

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: The Cheesecake Girl Cream Puffs (And More!)Photo by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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Hilliard isn’t typically viewed as a walkable community, but its downtown defies those expectations. There’s crosswalks, sidewalks, and a healthy selection of windows and stores to cruise on foot. Within this zone, you’ll also find the Center Street Market, a sprawling, one-story building that holds a bevy of smaller operations. 

And among those operations is a sweet spot (actually more than one sweet spot, we’ll talk more later). The spot? The Cheesecake Girl. Within its glass case of wares, you’ll find acres of thick slices of beautifully sleek cheesecakes. But even better than that, it also offers demure little cupcake-sized cheesecakes. So you can enjoy your cheesecake as a finger-food. 

All about that.

The rounds come in all sorts of cheesecake flavors, there are a couple of especially lovely versions with a distinctly local accent. Consider the mauve Raspberry Chocolate Chip version, as well as a Buckeye version. There’s something about a cheesecake base that makes the respective raspberry and peanut butter flavors more intense and sweet. So while the treats may be small in size, they pack a big, thoughtful punch. 

But then, what’s this? A cream puff? The Cheesecake Girl people do cream puffs? The obvious answer is YES. There are creampuffs, with confetti sprinkles inside and out. 

First a confession: Sprinkles are objectively awful. Perhaps they are cute-looking, but they taste like chiclets of cardboard nothingness. The fact that kids like them on absolutely everything is simply proof that children are not real bright. So, despite the deliciousness of the house cheesecakes, expectations for the cream puff were not high. 

Expectations defied: Yes, there were sprinkles, just enough to add a discrete blitz of color. It’s the filling inside the achingly-tender puff that was truly remarkable. It was cheesecake charged. While it had the soft, smooth pudding texture associated with traditional puff filling, it also had the bright, tangy sweetness of cheesecake. Perfection. Competitor puffs will suffer in comparison. 

So go get one. You’ll find the stop at 5354 Center St. in Hilliard.

For more information, visit thecheesecakegirl.com.

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