Treat to Try: Black Forest Cake Roll

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to Try: Black Forest Cake RollThe Black Forest Cake Roll at Gourmand Croquant Bakery. Photo by Anne Evans.
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With my son doing bowling and practicing at different alleys around town, that means I have some time to kill with an afternoon pickup time at rush hour. Pulling into the lot at Columbus Square Bowling Palace, I spotted a storefront saying ‘bakery’ and the open sign was still lit at 4:35pm. Oh yeah! A bakery open in the evening? I had to go inside.

Approaching the door showed a name, Gourmand Croquant Bakery. And inside, cases filled with various cake rolls, a few full size cakes, cookies, buns and more. 

I chose the Black Forest cake roll.

It had a nice shape, good swirl, and a good proportion of cake to fillings. The cream inside was deliciously light and not too sweet. Just the right balance with the crumbly chocolate cake dusted on top with cocoa powder. A thin layer of cherries rounded it out. 

I would have enjoyed a few more cherries dispersed throughout the slice I had, but at $2.75 a slice, I’m not complaining. It’s a generously sized slice.

Find Gourmand Croquant Bakery near Cleveland Avenue in the Columbus Square Shopping Center at 5821 Emporium Square, Columbus, OH 43231. 

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