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Treat to try: Belle’s Bread’s Cream Puff

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to try: Belle’s Bread’s Cream Puff
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Dreaming of a perfect cream puff? Try one at Belle’s Bread, a Japanese bakery and café. The Cream Puff consists of a soft bread exterior, with a generous cavern of creamy vanilla custard with fresh whipped cream in the very center. The whole outside is dusted with powdered sugar. At only $1.75 each, you could probably eat a few. I only tried one, but would have happily eaten another! They are about the size of the palm of your hand. If you enjoy Beard Papa cream puffs, these are very similar in style. Vanilla is the only flavor Belle’s Bread currently makes.

Bonus Treat! The bakery counter has so many beautiful options! They offer full sized cakes, ranging in price from $19-$22 as well as slices. I tried a piece of the Mango Mousse ($2.40). A thick layer of lightly flavored mango mousse sandwiched between a thin layer of mango gelée on top and a soft and moist cake on bottom. The texture and flavor of the mousse is light and airy and the size of the slice was just enough to not overdo it on sweetness.

Belle’s Bread opened in Kenny Centre Mall in November of 2011. They are open for lunch Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 3pm, Saturday from 11am to 4pm and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. They offer dine-in or take-out. Visit them at 1168 Kenny Centre Mall. For more information, call 614-451-7110.

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