Treat to Try: Basic Biscuits, Kindness & Coffee

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Basic Biscuits, Kindness & CoffeePhoto by Miriam Bowers Abbott
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First and foremost, Basic Biscuits, Kindness & Coffee lives up to most of its name. It serves up a bevy of biscuits, and the counter team engages guests with warmth and smiling eyes, plus pleasant conversation that doesn’t feel the least bit canned or rehearsed. 

About the biscuits: They are not basic. They come in a paralyzing array of flavors, both sweet and savory (and sometimes all-in-one). It’s unclear how anyone could choose one particular flavor, but fortunately, you don’t really have to. There is an option to test-drive a variety of biscuit bites. They’re bigger and denser than doughnut holes, and provide an affordable way to figure things out. You buy them in trios. 

Let’s start with some characteristics that hold across all biscuit flavors: Flakey layers like you see in cooking shows, and a good presence, even at room temperature. Typically, biscuits are at their prime hot out of the oven, but these are special enough to hold their own from the counter case. 

Some unlikely favorites: Lemon, Cheddar Garlic, and Cheddar Scallion. The garlic is aggressive, which makes it both entertaining, and a nice potential pairing for soups this year. The cheddar items generally boast an orange hue, and its flavor is infused throughout the biscuit. It’s hard to capture cheddar in baked goods – it’s easily diluted. But it holds up in the little biscuits just fine. And Lemon was an unlikely favorite.  It’s just sweet enough to suggest a snack cake. 

Other solid contributions: Salted Chocolate Chip – dense with dots of dark chocolate chips; Buffalo Chicken, and Cheddar Jalapeño, both with a little kick. Future experiments will likely involve melted butter for dipping. Basic Biscuits sells condiments in ramekins, so you can dress things up with honey and jam, too. 

For bigger appetites, there’s gravy, slider and quiche options, all built on a biscuit foundation. Basic plays to its strengths, and there’s a lot of strength in those biscuits. 

You can conduct your own taste test at 1160 Goodale Blvd.

For more information, visit Basic Biscuits, Kindness & Coffee’s website.

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