Treat to Try: Barua’s Peanut Butter Crunch Talenti

Miriam Bowers Abbott Miriam Bowers Abbott Treat to Try: Barua’s Peanut Butter Crunch TalentiPeanut Butter Crunch Talenti, crafted by Columbus' own Avishar Barua - Photo by Susan Post
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At last. Back in September, news broke that Talenti was making a flavor created by famed Columbus Chef Avishar Barua, and it was available at local groceries. (Barua scored flavor selection by winning a Top Chef Quickfire Challenge.)

Except no one could find it. Anywhere. Even when it was listed in stock online at stores, it never seemed to physically exist on the shelves. Scarcity rules the day generally, and especially with respect to production and delivery issues during the never-ending pandemic. 

Recently, Barua’s Talenti Peanut Butter Crunch finally hit the shelves at major grocers. It’s a buckeye-inspired gelato made in the Talenti layer tradition, with transparent packaging revealing the dessert in all its astounding glory: At top is peanut butter gelato, then graham cracker shards, thick, globs of sugary browed butter sauce, vanilla gelato, and at the bottom: peanut butter cups. Not just a few token cups, an entire herd of the candies awaits at the bottom.

Photo by Susan Post

As for eating protocol, it feels insultingly obvious to say this, but don’t scoop it off the top like regular ice cream. That undermines the whole layer concept. Take the pint and own it. If you can’t finish it in one setting, put it in the freezer. It’s your job to literally dig deep and experience the varied layer glory all on your own. Share it with whomever you’re okay double-dipping with.

Of course, this may be a little harder than it sounds. It takes time and discipline to dig through the compact layers of goodness. Surely, Columbus eaters are up to this task. And the gelato isn’t as hard as many ice creams. So the task is doable. Every bite’s a bit different, with a couple elements on board, it provides changing balances of creamy, crunchy or saucy intensity.

As for label matters.The ingredients are pretty much what you’d expect. Except for cinnamon, which is perhaps one of Barua’s secret weapons. And based on the nutrient listing, you can eat the whole pint for less than 1000 calories, if you’re into counting things.  

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