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Treat to try: Bakery Gingham’s S’more

Anne Evans Anne Evans Treat to try: Bakery Gingham’s S’more
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I do love the cupcakes at Bakery Gingham. Moist cakes crowned with a mound of sugary icing. So when I saw they would be open for Easter today, I stopped in to get four for my fam and we ate them with our lunch. I also spotted a lonely s’more in the bakery case and it made it home with me too. Bakery Gingham packages their goodies in a pink cardboard box, or with bakery tissue and white paper bags.

The s’more is a good size, about 4 inches square. It’s about an inch tall. A dense layer of graham cracker crust forms the bottom layer. That’s topped with chocolate chips, and then a pile of miniature marshmallows top the whole thing. The marshmallow top is very lightly browned. It’s a chewy bar, the marshmallows are nice and pliable and not sticky. It is a straightforward take on a s’more and the flavor is what you would expect, but not too rich. For the $2.00 price, it’s a very nice treat that you can probably share with at least one other person.

When I got home, I remembered I have a kitchen-grade crème brûlée torch and used it to give the marshmallow topping a much heartier burn (not pictured). That really made the s’more flavor perfect. I think it would be marvelous if they could do this for you in-store when you purchase it. It would also be delightful to see it topped with a big square of homemade marshmallow, but like I said, for $2, it’s a good bite.

Bakery Gingham has shops in German Village at 189 Thurman Avenue and in the Short North at 647 North High Street. Visit their website www.bakerygingham.com to find out hours and more information. You can also Like Bakery Gingham on Facebook.

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