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Travelling Within – Tastings of Columbus, Ohio

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greendcgirl.wordpress.com wrote Travelling Within – Tastings of Columbus, Ohio

March 24, 2008 – Posted by greendcgirl

How many states have you been to? I think Ohio was my twenty fifth…

In the past, whenever I thought about taking a holiday, my mind always wandered to localities beyond our borders…Italy, India, Algeria, Lebanon and beyond…

But recently, due mostly to my job and partly to a roommate eager to share the delights of California, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to spots I normally wouldn’t have considered visiting. When I found out that a meeting that was held in Florida two years ago was to be held in Ohio this year, I thought- oh crap, there go my hopes of enjoying some sun and catching up on my vitamin D deficiency- but Columbus turned out to be surprisingly charming.


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