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Trattoria Roma in Grandview Heights

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Alive wrote Frankie goes to Grandview

By G.A. Benton

January 3, 2008

Trattoria Roma is a cozy little Italian place on Grandview Avenue with lots of regulars. Those neighborhoody folks show up to be warmly and personally greeted, seated at their favorite table and then served a hearty, well-made pasta dinner.

For this, the happy patrons will gladly pay into the mid- to upper teens for a single entree. And that’s a pretty fine thing.

But not good enough for Bargain Binge. No, Bargain Binge is all about stretching dollars and pinching pennies, and since research and internet searching don’t cost a red cent, I’ve uncovered a righteous deal whereby two diners can each enjoy a Trattoria Roma salad and pasta dinner for a grand total of (drumroll, please) $20. Not bad, eh?


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