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Transit Columbus Provides Transportation-Centric Voter Guide

Walker Evans Walker Evans Transit Columbus Provides Transportation-Centric Voter Guide
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With the May primary just two weeks away, voters are becoming more and more inundated with campaign information, election ads, flyers, mailers, newsletters, yard signs and emails. With four mayoral candidates in the running, and around a dozen in the city council race, keeping track of who’s who can be a challenge even for those who are doing their best to follow along.

Local transportation advocacy group Transit Columbus wants to cut through the clutter and help educate voters specifically on the main issue they promote.

“As advocates for a better connected region, we at Transit Columbus believe it is important that our current and future elected officials address these issues,” said Transit Columbus Vice-Chair Josh Lapp. “We also believe its our duty to elevate multimodal transportation issues so that the public can be well informed when choosing their future leaders.”

To achieve that goal, Transit Columbus has released their 2015 Multimodal Transportation Voter Guide, providing candidate answers to questions on regional system planning, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and the proposal for Chicago-to-Columbus high speed rail.

“Our city and region are the center of population growth for Ohio,” added Lapp. “Moving forward we must think comprehensively about how our transportation system will accommodate an additional 500,000 residents and 300,000 jobs that the insight2050 report has predicted our region will add by 2050.”

To read the full voter guide, CLICK HERE.

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