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Transformative Redevelopment of Budd Dairy Site Proposed in Italian Village

Walker Evans Walker Evans Transformative Redevelopment of Budd Dairy Site Proposed in Italian VillageAll renderings and visuals via Tim Lai ArchitecT.
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The Budd Dairy Company building on North Fourth Street is one of the largest and most recognizable structures in Italian Village. A new proposal from Lykens Companies plans to not only restore and preserve the building, but also aims to complement it with five additional modern mixed-use buildings flanking it to the north, south and east.

Combined, the three-story and four-story buildings would create 149 new residential units and 17,620 square feet of commercial space for office and retail use. Most of the new development would replace existing parking lots, though it would also require the demolition of several single-story warehouse and office structures built between 1939 and the 1960s.

“Obviously, saving the Budd Dairy building is huge,” said Italian Village Commissioner Jason Sudy. “Everybody loves that building, so I’m 100% for that for sure. As far as demolition goes on other buildings, we’ve not had a lot of time to talk about the value of those buildings. My my sense is that Budd Dairy is the real gem of this site.”

Developer Kevin Lykens didn’t respond for comment on the proposal, likely due to the fact that its still in a preliminary phase, and is currently scheduled for conceptual review by the Italian Village Commission during next Tuesday’s meeting. Lykens completed the redevelopment of the Wonder Bread building a few blocks south in 2013 and plans to begin construction on the redevelopment of the E.J. Thomas Building nearby on Detroit Avenue in May or June.


“This project will have a massive impact on Fourth, and the big concern I have is that it very much looks like one big project,” said Sudy. “Having buildings one and six look a bit different might break up some of the massing. I’m a little concerned with the design, but the site perspective looks great — there’s lots to like about it with only a few specific issues.”

The proposal includes parking accommodations for 193 off-street spaces, primarily hidden from view on Fourth Street behind the new buildings. Retail and office spaces would primarily front Fourth Street with the Budd Dairy company allotted to host a 2,860 square foot restaurant and 2,860 square foot basement juice bar.

“This project could be really transformation for this end of street,” said Sudy. “In five years, Fourth Street is going to be so radically different than what it looked like just two years ago.”

For ongoing discussion on this development, CLICK HERE to visit our Messageboard.

For more information, visit www.lykenscompanies.com.

All renderings and visuals via Tim Lai ArchitecT.



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