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Top Top Kitchen & Cocktails Review

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I have been to Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails more than just a few times over the past year or so and I don’t believe I have ever been disappointed. That doesn’t mean no one has, but since Tip Top seems to be packed most evenings I guess you could say plenty of people would agree with me (and I’m sure there are a few dissenters as you can not satisfy everyone all the time, unfortunately).

It is one thing to create an inviting atmosphere and offer a tempting menu, but it is another thing to hang your hat on the intriguing and unique cocktails that come along with the other two. Tip Top, at 73 East Gay Street in downtown, is a place that attracts those looking for more than just bar food and more than just your simple mixed drink. Since opening in February of 2007 Tip Top has been a Columbus attraction and a go-to spot for those traveling through Ohio’s capital city.

Tip Top’s success comes as no surprise as it is the third very popular venture by area Restauranteur Elizabeth Lessner and partners, including Betty’s and Surly Girl Saloon. Tip Top welcomes you in old style as the historic structure’s unique pressed tin ceiling and decor consisting of Ohio & Columbus artifacts, pictures and posters reminds you that the Buckeye State was once known for more than just dwindling jobs and winters that last WAY to long.

The food portion begins with appetizers that include Sweet Potato Fries & Spicy Mayo, Eggplant Fries & Bloody Mary Dipping Sauce and Smoke Salmon Fritters. French Fry lovers may be turned off a bit by Tip Top’s change of pace, but each one gives you a great combination of sweet, spice, heat and flavor.

Tip Top is anything, but typical which is obvious with salad offerings like the Green bean and Goodness (mixed greens, blanched green beans, tomatoes, bacon, black olives, garbanzo beans, green onions, shredded mozzarella, sliced egg, croutons and housemade buttermilk ranch) or the Hell Salad (mixed greens with spice giardinara, shredded mozzarella, with the housemade buttermilk ranch).

The eatery pride’s itself on what it calls Ohio Comfort Entrees with some of the most popular being the Blue Ribbon Pot Roast and Meat Loaf Dinner. One of those that doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves, but is a favorite among those who are willing to forgo meat, is the Veggie Roast. This is a savory mix of roasted potatoes onions, celery, carrots, parsnips, turnips diced tomatoes and fresh herbs in a tasty sauce. It comes at a decent price as well at around $9.00.

You are also offered a rather large sandwich menu. You can hardly go wrong with items such as the Ohio Style Monte Cristo, Veggie Muffuletta (portabella strips, grilled zucchini, shaved red onion provolone cheese and alfalfa sprouts with red pepper-olive spread on dark wheat with a side of basil aioli), Chipotle Turkey (piled high!) and the Sensational Salmon Hoagie.

The list of Tip Top Cocktails is as coveted as the tasty menu. The whiskey concoctions come with titles that include the C-bus-town Julep, Old Pike Old-fashioned, Route 40 Shorty, The Le Veque Tower, The Old Penn Perfect Poison and even the Alex P. Keaton (Old Overholt Rye Whiskey with a splash of ginger ale, garnished with lime. “…served short like Alex P. Keaton”, according to the description).

The Gay Street business give those who are not whiskey drinkers their share of mixed spirits to choose from. The Columbus oriented drinks come in the form of the Jungle Jack Hanna (Described as: Orange vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and a splash of 7up, served tall and garnished with a live tiger* (*when in stock)), Jesse Owens, Stinkin’ Olentangy, The Cowbell and Thurber’s Cat Nap.

Don’t despair beer and wine drinkers. Tip Top welcomes all drink enthusiasts by tempting your palate with a wide variety of draught beers, bottled beers and wines from around the globe.

What makes this place different from others is that it fits into all categories. It can be the place to get a bite to eat, the starting point for your evening, the ideal spot to celebrate the entire night or the final stop before your roundabout journey home comes to an end. Tip Top’s doors are open from from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. everyday.

As I said earlier, Tip Top is one of several successful ventures (Betty’s & Surly Girl included) Restauranteur Elizabeth Lessner and partners have collaborated on. And lucky for us another one is on the way. I am sure details are out there and available, but I’ll let Mrs. Lessner and her folks pass those on if they haven’t already. Though she says she has been extremely busy and expects things to slow down at the end March.

Just a hint for those of you who are still in the dark.

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