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Top Comments of the Week – 11/22

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Top Comments of the Week – 11/22
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This week in top comments: Fraternal twins, bloated corporate meetings, and plenty of missed opportunities. Check out our past comments of the week here, and make sure we catch your comments by following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Now to our favorites from this week:

1. People Warehouses

There were plenty of comments this week on a new plan announced for the corner of King Avenue and North High Street. Some commenters even pointed out that directly catty-corner was a development that looked eerily similar. Of course, the comments resulted in a few laughs. Witnessing a grown man uttering the word “twinsies” was also a high note:

2. Cut the Slider

While White Castle’s new HQ digs look beautiful, it still wasn’t safe from a few digs. Its new spot will include some regular menu items in the cafe area, possibly leading to some meetings being cut short:

3. Burrito Boulevard

Usually, there is no #1 winner in these things, but this exchange came close. With an announcement that a new Chipotle HQ building has gotten the green light, commenters were disappointed in the building’s lack of brand consistency, a la Longaberger:

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