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Top Comments of the Week – 10/25

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Top Comments of the Week – 10/25
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Either our new Top Comments series got people talking more this week, or this week’s stories were just that much more interesting. (To be honest, it was probably the latter.) In any event, here are Columbus Underground’s top comments for this week, in no particular order:

1. Bob Ross-approved

This week the announcement of a Dollar General concept — DGX — coming to the Columbus Commons got a lot of reactions online. Some were brutal, some just didn’t read the article, but a few were pretty comical.

2. Sports = Crime

A comment under this post from a person named Karen expressed distaste for the new FieldhouseUSA coming to Polaris Mall saying, “This is going to lead to higher crime with an anti-family environment.” A few of the comments in response made us chuckle a bit.

3. “Where’s the Molly Woo’s?”

New apartment renderings are hard to please just about anyone, but this post may have fanned the flames. It definitely wasn’t on purpose, though. And we got a Sim City reference out of it!

4. 98 Degrees, Attorneys at Law

A late entry, but a good laugh all the same.

5. A Fond Farewell

And lastly, a wholesome, well-intentioned comment to round out the list.

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