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Top Comments of the Week – 10/18

Taijuan Moorman Taijuan Moorman Top Comments of the Week – 10/18
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It’s no secret that the best and worst of us can be found in the comments section, and CU’s comments are no different. But every now and then, there’s a comment that lightens the mood and makes the rounds internally for a good laugh.

Case in point, the comment that inspired our new, weekly Top Comments list — a response to the photo used alongside our article about the cave ghosts of Hocking Hills:

Now, we want to share those laughs with readers. So here are CU’s top comments of the week for Friday, Oct. 18.

1. New Album from the Dems – Instagram

This week, Columbus Underground hosted a screening of the Democratic Primary Debates with the Gateway Film Center. But this shot of the candidates looked a little familiar.

2. Park Your Sarcasm Here – Facebook

The comments under articles about development are often polarizing. Every now and then, though, someone manages to lighten the mood.

3. “Land of the White Claw!” – Facebook

You’ll have to read ’til the end for this one.

4. The Ground is so Last Year – Twitter

The latest rooftop bar has marked a trend for this reader.

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