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Top 3 Best Horror Movies of 2017

Hope Madden Hope Madden Top 3 Best Horror Movies of 2017
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Right, one is not going to be a surprise. Hard to make the best overall list and not make this one. But it has been a really strong year in horror and you probably missed the other two films on this list, so check them out.

Get Out
Writer/director Jordan Peele’s social commentary hit a nerve, and that’s what all good horror does. The genre doesn’t have to apologize for making you uncomfortable—that’s the whole point. Peele not only captured current racial anxieties in a way no film, horror or otherwise, has done. He also exposed his own deep, clear understanding of the horror genre, with expert nods to some classics and a mastery of tension few directors ever reach. Cannot wait for whatever’s next.

Hounds of Love
Writer/director Ben Young will leave you blistered with his feature debut. Based on true events, the Aussie horror follows two kidnappers as they toy with their latest captive teenage girl. Driven by a fiercely invested and touchingly deranged performance from Emma Booth, Hounds of Love makes a subtle shift from horrific torture tale to psychological character study. In 108 grueling minutes, Young’s film marks him as a filmmaker with confident vision and exciting potential.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter
Winter break approaches at a Catholic New England boarding school. Snow piles up outside, the buildings empty, yet Kat (Kiernan Shipka) and Rose (Lucy Boynton) remain. One has tricked her parents for an extra day with her townie boyfriend. One remains under more mysterious circumstances.

Blackcoat’s Daughter behaves almost the way a picture book does. In a good picture book, the words tell only half the story. The illustrations don’t simply mirror the text, they tell their own story as well. If there is one particular and specific talent this film exposes in its director, it is his ability with a visual storyline.


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