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Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2016

Walker Evans Walker Evans Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2016
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While 2016 officially comes to a close, we always like to look back on the past 365 days to review the year as it was in retrospect. A full breakdown of some of the most important and interesting Columbus Underground articles of the year serves one role in recapping the past, but a list of the most popular articles based on pageviews or impressions usually reveals a different set of priorities for our readership.

Below are the Top 20 articles of the year, based on how often they were viewed by our readers during the calendar year. And as a bonus, you can tune in for some discussion on these popular year-end topics in the most recent episode of the Confluence Cast, below. (As always, you can also subscribe to the Confluence Cast on iTunes for future episodes.)



20. Kaufman Development Announces 10-Story Mixed-Use Project in Short North

One of the biggest individual development stories of 2016 was the announcement in July that Kaufman Development had big plans for the old IBEW building in the Short North. Some readers loved the potential and the architecture, while others had concerns with the height.

19. First Look: The New Press Grill on Fifth Avenue

After much speculation and rumor, the old Graffiti Burger spot on Fifth Avenue finally re-opened as the Press Pub on Fifth, the sister location to the original Press Grill in the Short North.

18. IKEA Drops Plans for Cleveland Store, Columbus Store Opening in 2017

Any news about IKEA always attracts a lot of attention, even when it’s not about Columbus. Back in February, the company announced that it was cancelling plans for a Cleveland store. Which means that the Columbus location is likely to be even busier once it opens next summer.

17. Campus Partners Unveils Plans for 15th & High Development

When Campus Partners unveiled their plans for redeveloping several blocks of the University District around 15th and High, it made a big impression upon our readers. Some praised the scale and vision, while others took issue with the loss of local businesses and architecture in the area.

16. Forge Columbus Founder Reese Neader Passes Away

Just two weeks ago, Reese Neader passed away, leaving Columbus far too soon. His work through Forge Columbus and Kiva has helped numerous entrepreneurs and will continue to do so for years to come.

15. Super Size Me Creator Opening All-Natural Fast Food Restaurant in Columbus

It was big news when filmmaker and provocateur Morgan Spurlock announced that he would be opening a healthy-ish chicken-centric fast food restaurant in Columbus. Of course, it turned out to be a much different story once the doors opened…

14. First Look: Indoor Dog Park / Cafe Opens on West Fifth Avenue

New business “Tail Wags Playground” opened up back in March, offering dog lovers a place to take their furry companions for coffee and indoor exercise.

13. IKEA Coming to Columbus in Summer 2017

The bigger IKEA news of 2016 was when the retailer announced their plans for a Columbus store back in January. The location in the Polaris area is bound to be a traffic nightmare upon opening day, but the thought of Swedish meatballs and flat pack furniture is still exciting to many.

12. Cat Cafe Coming Soon to Clintonville

Dog fans weren’t the only ones to their own hip hangout space this year. Cat aficionados can hang out, play with, and adopt cats at the new Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe in Clintonville.

11. Holy Chicken May Not be a Real Restaurant, But Still Delivers an Important Message

Once Morgan Spurlock’s restaurant opened to the public, it became clear that a clever ruse had been put into place. The restaurant wasn’t healthy at all, but was intended as a veneer to bring attention to the “health halo” issue that plagues the food industry in the United States.

10. Massive Suburban Development Announced Just Outside New Albany

A group of local developers announced plans back in March to construct a large-scale sprawling suburban haven on the northeast side of town. Once built, the new project will contain homes, offices, retail, restaurants and a whole lot of surface parking lots.

9. Columbus Named one of America’s Next Boom Towns

Columbus landed on a lot of national lists and rankings this year, but the one that stuck with our readers the most was a shoutout by Forbes as a designated “Boomtown”.

8. Standard Hall Coming Soon to The Short North

Long before Standard Hall opened (and was named as one of the best new bars and best new restaurants of the year), it was announced more simply as a replacement for what locals once knew as a music venue known as Little Brother’s.

7. New Grandview Restaurant Balboa will Focus on So-Cal Flavor

Long before Balboa opened (and was named as one of the best new bars and best new restaurants of the year), it was announced more simply as a replacement for what locals once knew as a restaurant known as Shoku.

6. Haiku Closing After 18 Years in The Short North

The writing had pretty much been on the wall at Haiku since March when plans to redevelop the site were first announced. It looked like the restaurant might stay put or relocate, but the owners announced in October that the time had come to close up shop.

5. The Florentine is Closing After 71 Years of Business

Another big restaurant closure in 2016 was The Florentine, a west-side staple in Franklinton that shuddered its doors recently after over seven decades of operations.

4. 25-Story “Millennial Tower” Announced for Downtown Columbus

One of the biggest (both figurative and literally) development stories of 2016 was the announcement of the proposed 25-story “Millennial Tower” building planned in the RiverSouth area Downtown. The project has not yet been approved, so look for more updates in 2017.

3. The Ohio State University Settles Lawsuit With Local CrossFit Gym Owner

When local CrossFit business owner Mitch Potterf successfully won a lawsuit against OSU, it was noteworthy local news. But when the main CrossFit social media accounts shared the story to their three million followers, the news went viral on a much larger scale.

2. The 2016 Columbus Festival Season

Columbus loves its festivals. Our annual list published each May contains a gigantic roundup of every major and minor festival in the region, which brings readers back to read it all throughout the year.

1. The List: 74 Stores Announced at Tanger Outlet Mall

Back in May, the new Tanger Outlet Mall released its official list of stores that would be coming to the new Columbus location upon its opening. We published said list without thinking much about it. Little did we know the excitement that it would generate both regionally and with readers all throughout Ohio. That list was view over 180,000 times this year, with those numbers continuing to grow every day.

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