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Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2015

Walker Evans Walker Evans Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2015
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10. Opinion: Campus Culture Worth Preserving

While the news of a major University District redevelopment project was popular, an individual opinion piece about preserving the businesses and the culture of the area proved to be even more so. Campus bar owner Scott Ellsworth shared his thoughts about the future of the neighborhood and why he feels so passionately about the topic. [Read More]

9. Surly Girl Saloon to Close Doors After 10 Years in The Short North

Another big closure announcement for 2015 was the news that the popular Surly Girl Saloon would be closing down after 10 years in the Short North. The three owners said that it had a good run, but were ready to move on to other projects. [Read More]

8. Eat Right: Restaurants Hidden in Neighborhoods

The new Eat Right series presented by Dine Originals has proven to be very popular in 2015, and author Shelley Mann has done a bang up job at shining a spotlight on all kinds of local restaurants with a very specific set of parameters in mind. The most popular story in the series focuses on hidden gems, tucked away deep inside of the neighborhoods they call home. [Read More]

7. Columbus School Board Hiring New Part Time Admin for $25,000 Per Month

Food critic Miriam Bowers Abbott occasionally pulls double duty when writing pieces focused on the local education system. An article she penned in January shined her watchdog spotlight upon an eyebrow-raising consultant position that was later pulled from the School Board’s agenda. [Read More]

6. The List: 9 Health-Centric Restaurants in Columbus

Columbus Underground starts each year with a big focus on healthy living during our Health & Wellness week. Food writer Rebecca Wagner created a roundup of health-centric restaurants to go with that series, and it turned out to be incredibly popular with our readers. [Read More]

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