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Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2015

Walker Evans Walker Evans Top 20 Columbus Underground Articles of 2015
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15. IKEA Coming to Columbus in Summer 2017

A lot of local shopping dreams came true on January 26th when IKEA announced their intentions to build a Columbus store in 2017. The dreams quickly turned into mixed reactions when the site selection was revealed to be the old Germain Amphitheater. If you listen closely you can already hear the sound of traffic beginning to back up. [Read More]

14. Target Closing West Side Location in November

It’s rare for a Target to shutter, but Columbus Underground broke the news in August that the retail corporation would be closing its West Side store in a move to close 13 underperforming stores across the US. While the news upset many West Side residents, it also came as little surprise, as the large store was rarely seen busy over the past several years. Originally slated for a November closing, the end date was pushed back to January 2016. [Read More]

13. The Historic Grand Valley Dale Ballroom Closes Doors

Another closure story that broke first on Columbus Underground was the news that the historic Valley Dale Ballroom was shuttering its doors. While the news was upsetting for many fans of the nearly 98-year-old event venue, they were ultimately relieved when Columbus Underground also broke the news in November that it would reopen again under new management. [Read More]

12. Drinkos Delivery Service Launches in Columbus

Cincinnati-based alcohol-delivery business Drinkos made a big splash in Columbus when it announced that it was expanding to the local market back in June. The news seems to have been a bit premature though, as the business is now redirecting visitors from its website to a crowdfunding campaign and not accepting local orders. [Read More]

11. Construction Begins on Columbus Tanger Outlet Mall

We knew it was coming, but it still generated a whole lot of buzz when the groundbreaking took place at the new Tanger Outlet Mall that is currently under construction just north of Columbus. The 350,000 square foot building will house around 80 stores once it opens sometime in 2016. [Read More]

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