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Top 10 Things to do in Italian Village

 Taijuan Moorman Top 10 Things to do in Italian VillagePhoto by Taijuan Moorman
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Columbus’ historic Italian Village does not disappoint in terms of history, scenery, and unique finds. One of Columbus’ first suburbs, Italian Village has been home to Irish, Italian, and Black immigrant settlers throughout the 19th century, before experiencing major revitalization in the 1970s.

Today, Italian Village is an eclectic mix of old and new. Italianate rowhomes and the village’s narrow brick streets preserve the area’s history, while businesses like Tasi Cafe and STUMP make Italian Village distinctive from the rest of the Short North. Continue on for more things to do in Italian Village:

6. Go Brunching

Photo via Tasi Cafe.

Tasi Cafe’s brunch menu items range from strange to unique, like the Salad Murcien made with string beans, shallots manchego, and anchovy, or the Chevre sandwich with roasted peppers, arugula, pine nuts, and multigrain panino. The Market on Summit Street features some rare brunch finds as well, including the Shakshouka, with spiced tomato sauce, poached eggs, feta, crispy chickpeas, and house pita.

7. Lounge in Italian Village Park

Italian Village Park — photo by Taijuan Moorman.

Very close to the Short North area is Italian Village Park, a quaint little park with just enough to offer Italian Village residents and visitors. Complete with park benches, a swing and jungle gym set, and a small grass field, you can find a bit of open space in between all of the buildings and construction.

For more information visit the City of Columbus website.

8. Check Out Some Bakeries

Sweets at Laughlin’s Bakery, 15 E 2nd Avenue — Photo by Walker Evans.

Breads, baguettes, and other baked goods are in no shortage in Italian Village, where Laughlin’s Bakery and Piece of Cake provide the sweetest finds in the area. Try the pistachio macaron or pretzel croissant at Laughlin’s, or Piece of Cake’s Georgia Sheet Cake. Savory options like the bacon and potato galette at Laughlin’s are worth trying as well.

9. Find A New Place to Live

Jeffrey Park in Italian Village — Photo by Walker Evans.

As mentioned before, some of Italian Village’s best architectural finds are courtesy of the newly completed apartment buildings and homes. The Vetro Lofts or The Legacy at Jeffery Park, The Prescott apartments, and the Wonder Bread Lofts offer a range of contemporary living styles, or if you prefer a more traditional living space, Italian Village’s houses and rowhomes offer quaint Italianate and Queen Anne styles in the heart of the city.

10. Find a New Plant to Love at STUMP

Photo by Walker Evans.

A unique find in Italian Village, STUMP is a fun stop for plant lovers. With an awesomely curated  array of succulents and rare greenery, and one-of-a-kind pots and planters, STUMP is a much-needed stop for those of us with a green thumb.

Find more information about STUMP here.


Do you know more fun things to do Italian Village? Leave a comment below!

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