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Top 10 Things to Do in German Village

Walker Evans Walker Evans Top 10 Things to Do in German VillageSchiller Park — Photo by Walker Evans.
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German Village is one of the oldest and most treasured historic neighborhoods in Columbus. Many of the buildings and streets in German Village look exactly the same way they did 150 years ago thanks to a meticulous historic preservation effort that began a half century ago.

Today, German Village is not only home to some of the most sought after historic residences, it also boasts a mix of boutique shops, destination restaurants, hip bars and amazing public parks. In no particular order, here are ten things you need to cross off your to-do list in order to have the full German Village experience:

6. Shop at Juergens


Photo via Juergens Bakery.

Juergens Bakery is another long running business in German Village, and an authentic one to boot. This bakery and shop sells authentic German treats that are perfect for grab-and-go shopping on your way home or to a party. If new plans come to fruition, Juergens may soon transform into a combination brewery/bar/bakery in partnership with Rockmill Brewing, so make sure to check it out soon to see it in its current state. For more info, visit www.juergensbakery.com.

7. Drink at Curio

The "24 Carrot" Cocktail from Curio — Photo by Chrissy Adams.

Photo by Chrissy Adams.

Another newer addition to the German Village bar scene is Curio, which opened next door to Harvest Pizzeria (they share a patio) in 2012. If cocktails are your drink of choice, then you should be running and not walking to visit Curio if you haven’t been. Drinks are carefully crafted, curated and mixed to perfection by expert bar tender Travis Owens. For more information, visit www.curiococktails.com.

8. Stroll the Brick Streets

Photo by Walker Evans.

Photo by Walker Evans.

Once you’ve had your fill of food and drink, there’s nothing more fun in German Village than simply strolling the brick streets and sidewalks of the neighborhood. The compact district is perfect for pedestrians, and each season offers a new reason to visit on foot — flowering trees in the spring, warm nights in the summer, colorful leaves in the fall, and quiet snow-lined scenes in the winter. Just don’t trip on any loose bricks.

9. Dessert at Pistacia Vera


Photo via Pistacia Vera.

French bakery Pistacia Vera has called German Village home since 2007, serving up some of the city’s most delicious and beautiful desserts. Most pastries are snack-sized which make them perfect for transporting to a nearby picnic if there’s no available tables inside this quaint boutique establishment. For more information, visit www.pistaciavera.com.

10. Relax on a Patio or Two or Three

Photo via Lindey's.

Photo via Lindey’s.

While most of the buildings in German Village were not meant to have large outdoor spaces, the modern day businesses in the area have figured out a way to accomodate the patio crowd. Some of the best restaurant and bar patios in Columbus can be found in the area including Lindey’s, Harvest Pizzeria and Barcelona.

For more information about German Village, visit www.germanvillage.com.


Do you have other favorite things to do in German Village? Leave a comment below to share your ideas with us!

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