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Top 10: The Best New Restaurants of 2020

Best of CU Best of CU Top 10: The Best New Restaurants of 2020Photo by Lillian Dent.
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We feel obligated to first say that 2020 has been a very difficult year for restaurants, with many permanent and temporary closures affecting business large and small. That being said, we do still want to do our part to shine a light on those that were able to get their doors opened and start their business anew during this difficult time.

Our readers and editors collectively picked the the new Dough Mama location at 730 S. High St. that opened in August. After opening the first brick-and-mortar spot in Clintonville in 2012, owner Perrie Wilkof was able to expand to the Brewery District / German Village border successfully this year, and fans have lined up to try out their breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and pastry options (with a special shout out to the Chicken and Biscuit).

Of course, the news hasn’t been all positive this year for Dough Mama. Plans to expand to Dublin with a location inside the new North Market at Bridge Park had to be scrapped after operations were temporarily closed in Clintonville earlier in the summer.

Still, fans in the northern suburbs can get their fix of Dough Mama if they’re willing to drive a little further to support this local business.

For more information, visit www.dough-mama.com.

The Top 10 Best New Restaurants in Columbus of 2020:

  1. Dough Mama (German Village)
  2. Chapman’s Eat Market
  3. Barrio
  5. Mid City Garage
  6. Preston’s (North Market)
  7. Emmett’s Cafe
  8. Addella’s on Oak
  9. What the Waffle
  10. Pierogi Mountain

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Note: Our “Best of 2020″ lists are published as the combined results of our annual Reader Nomination Survey and Editor’s Choice picks.

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