Top 10 Plant Stores & Plant Nurseries of 2021

Best of CU Best of CU Top 10 Plant Stores & Plant Nurseries of 2021Photo via Oakland Nurseries.
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Houseplants are all the rage, thanks to the massive amounts of time many of us have been spending at home over the past two years. We surveyed our readers for the first time in our 2021 reader survey and they gave us their list of favorite spots for plants in Columbus.

Coming in at number one in this inaugural list was Oakland Nurseries. With over 80 years of history, Oakland is one of the most recognizable local names in plants and accessories. Locations can be found in Delaware, New Albany and Dublin, but nothing beats the original on Oakland Park Avenue in Linden. A large selection of outdoor and indoor plants can be found at Oakland along with all of the tools, fertilizers, yard decor and seasonal items you’ll need to put your green thumb to work.

For more information, visit www.oaklandnursery.com.

The Top 10 Plant Stores and Nurseries in Columbus, Ohio:

  1. Oakland Nurseries
  2. STUMP
  3. Groovy Plants Ranch
  4. Strader’s Garden Center
  5. Jewelweed
  6. The Plant Gays
  7. Good Land
  8. Yelo Aple
  9. The Brass Hand
  10. Baker’s Acres Greenhouse

Note: Our “Best of 2021″ lists are published as the results of our annual Reader Survey Poll.

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