Top 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants of 2021

Best of CU Best of CU Top 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants of 2021
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It wasn’t that long ago when vegetarian dining meant opting for a side dish of steamed vegetables on the menu. In 2021, plant-centric menu options — both vegan and vegetarian — can be found in many restaurants throughout the city that have some actual thought and flavors put into the dishes.

When we asked our readers about their favorite vegan and vegetarian destinations, the number one place on their minds this year was Comune on Parsons Avenue. Since opening in 2018, Comune has been not only a destination for vegans and vegetarians, but all types of diners interested in a flavorful and unique experience. Their seasonal menu rotates regularly, so be sure to check the features before you go. And don’t skip out on drinks and desserts while you’re there.

For more information, visit www.comune-restaurant.com.

The Top 10 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio:

  1. Comune
  2. Woodhouse
  3. Northstar Cafe
  4. Seitan’s Realm
  5. Portia’s Cafe
  6. Nile Vegan
  7. SOW Plated
  8. Brassica
  9. Eden Burger
  10. Pattycake Bakery

Note: Our “Best of 2021″ lists are published as the results of our annual Reader Survey Poll.

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