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Top 10 Best Patios in Columbus

Walker Evans Walker Evans Top 10 Best Patios in Columbus
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The best patio in Columbus can be a subjective response based on what you’re looking for in an outdoor dining experience. Which is why we were pleased to see the results when our readers were asked to select the number one patio in Columbus. The end result is a top 10 list of places where you can find upscale dining, fancy cocktails, neighborhood joints, rooftop experiences and much more.

If you’re looking for a new outdoor dining or drinking experience, then this is the list for you. And if you don’t see your favorite patio in the list, leave a comment below and share your favorite spot!

10. Basi Italia

Basi Italia in Victorian Village, Columbus, Ohio.
Basi Italia — Photo via Basi Italia.

811 Highland St. – Victorian Village

Description: The patio at Basi Italia has often been described as transformative. For nearly 20 years, this Victorian Village spot has showcased some of the city’s finest Italian cuisine. Dining indoors here is quaint and cozy, but the patio opens up for a larger-yet-still-intimate experience where foliage and flowers quietly mask the city around you so you can focus on food and friends.

Best Time to Go: Dinner time, but get there early or stay late for a cocktail or two.

9. Juniper

Juniper in Downtown, Columbus, Ohio.
Juniper – Photo via Juniper.

580 N. Fourth St. – Downtown

Description: The Smith Brothers Hardware building is an iconic part of the Columbus skyline, sitting just far enough on the edge of Downtown to offer its own skyline views from up close. In 2017, the public got the opportunity to experience that first hand as Juniper launched as a new rooftop patio space featuring a bar, restaurant and private event facility. A retractable roof system makes the space accessible year-round but the best experience on the patio is to be had during the summer months.

Best Time to Go: Double check the calendar before going. Since Juniper doubles as a private event space, there are times and dates when it will be closed to the public. Otherwise, weeknight happy hour or Sunday brunch hours are good ideas.

8. Goody Boy

Goody Boy in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio.
Goody Boy — Photo by Walker Evans.

1144 N. High St. – Short North

Description: After a major overhaul, the seventy-plus-year-old Goody Boy was reborn in 2019 with a breath of fresh air under new ownership. The mid-century building was updated with new mid-century decor while the menu remixed retro selections for contemporary palates. Outdoors, you’ll find a mix of umbrella-covered seating with a couple of new trees and lights that also bring a modern touch underneath the iconic neon sign.

Best Time to Go: There are deals to be had during happy hour, but if you’re looking for party crowds, go late. Weekend brunch is also solid choice.

7. PINS Mechanical Co.

PINS Mechanical Co. in Downtown, Columbus, Ohio.
PINS Mechanical Co. — Photo by Walker Evans.

141 N. Fourth St. – Downtown

Description: If you had looked at the empty parking lot at the National Tire and Battery on North Fourth Street a couple of years ago, it would be tough to imagine as a hip Downtown hangout. Once PINS Mechanical opened in 2016 though, the area got a bit of an upgrade. In addition to the installation of pinball machines and duckpin bowling indoors, the parking lots were converted into large outdoor gathering spaces with trees, lights and outdoor games like jumbo-sized jenga and large-scale beer pong, making this the perfect patio to hang out if you want to do more than just hold a drink.

Best Time to Go: Get there after the rush hour traffic dies down on a weekday (around 7 p.m.) or late nights on the weekend for the bustle.

6. Lincoln Social

Lincoln Social in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio.
Lincoln Social – Photo by Walker Evans.

711 N. High St. – Short North

Description: On the ninth floor of the new 711 office building in the Short North, you’ll find Lincoln Social, a rooftop bar that boasts unique views of The Short North, Downtown and beyond. This new concept from Cameron Mitchell Restaurants serves more as a bar than an eatery, but the views are the true star of the show. It may be hard to get a corner-facing seat on the small-yet-popular patio, but with opened windows and glass rooftop, the entire space turns patio-esque during the warm weather.

Best Time to Go: Get there early (like 4 p.m.) if you don’t want to wait to get in. Lines have been known to form in the lobby 6 p.m. and later.

5. Oddfellows Liquor Bar / Late Night Slice

Oddfellows / Late Night Slice in the Short North, Columbus, Ohio.
Oddfellows / Late Night Slice – Photo by Walker Evans.

1030 N. High St. / 1038 N. High St. – Short North
www.oddfellowsliquorbar.com and www.latenightslice.com

Description: In 2009, the first Mikey’s Late Night Slice location opened in this wooden shack in a parking lot, serving pizza during very limited hours. Over a decade later, the locations have multiplied and the original has upgraded the pizza operation (now housed in a shipping container) the patio (now resurfaced and enclosed) and alcohol was added with the launch of Oddfellows Liquor Bar next door in 2014. The jointly shared patio is a two-in-one for guests who want to mingle among the outdoor movies, bicycle sculpture, and year-round Christmas tree lights.

Best Time to Go: Late Night, obviously, but weekend afternoons are great too.

4. BrewDog Franklinton

Brewdog in Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio.
BrewDog Franklinton – Photo by Walker Evans.

463 W. Town St. – Franklinton

Description: One of the newer entries on the patio list is BrewDog Franklinton, which launched in the summer of 2018 in a former auto repair shop building. The brewpub features 48 beers on tap (both BrewDog’s and guest taps), a full food menu and a double-decker patio that offers front-row views of the evolving Franklinton neighborhood and the Downtown skyline.

Best Time to Go: Happy Hour, Late Night.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona Restaurant in German Village, Columbus, Ohio.
Barcelona – Photo by Walker Evans.

263 E. Whittier St. – Merion Village / German Village

Description: While Barcelona has been a staple on many patio lists for over 20 years, the history of the building as a restaurant dates back over a century. The charm of the space carries forward today both inside and out, and the patio is one of the most lush, with plenty of greenery during the warm summer months. Lights and water features also set the mood for any special occasion or non-special occasion.

Note: While technically in Merion Village, Barcelona sits at the intersection of three neighborhoods, which includes German Village and Schumacher Place.

Best Time to Go: Weekday lunch. Weekend dinner.

2. Seventh Son Brewing Co.

Seventh Son Brewing in Italian Village, Columbus, Ohio.
1Photo via Seventh Son.

1101 N. Fourth St. – Italian Village

Description: When Seventh Son first opened in 2013, it was one of the first of many new breweries to launch in the Columbus region. Their front patio served as a small asphalt space to drink local beer and grab a quick bite from a food truck — which was good enough for Italian Village residents looking for something new to try. After five years, Seventh Son has expanded drastically inside and out, adding not only brewing capacity but a larger and nicer outdoor space, and a second level indoor-outdoor room with a retractable roof that doubles as an all-weather patio-esque experience.

Best Time to Go: Weekday Happy Hour, Late Night, Special Events.

1. Lindey’s

Lindey's in German Village, Columbus, Ohio.
Lindey’s — photo via Lindey’s

169 E. Best St. – German Village

Description: For nearly 40 years, Lindey’s has been one of the most celebrated restaurants in Columbus. Nestled in the heart of German Village, the restaurant is a picturesque bistro on par with any East Coast counterpart. And while the interior is well decorated, the patio is also well known as one of the most visually attractive in the region. Pair that with top notch food and stellar service, and it’s no wonder that our readers picked this as the #1 choice for the best patio in Columbus.

Best Time to Go: Weekend Brunch, Weekday Lunch, Happy Hour, Dinner, Late Night. Really, anytime the weather is warm. You can’t go wrong.



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