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Too Long:Didn’t Play — The Uncharted Trilogy

Cody Starcher Cody Starcher Too Long:Didn’t Play — The Uncharted Trilogy
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With Uncharted 4 coming out earlier this week, now is a great time to revisit the path that brought us to our favorite Thief’s End. So I recently went back and played through the original Uncharted trilogy (sorry Golden Abyss fans) so that you won’t have to! (Note: You should still totally play the original Uncharted games. They recently remastered them for the PS4 with the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, and Golden Abyss is a must play if you own a PlayStation Vita.)

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune


The game starts with our hero and treasure hunter, Nathan Drake, and exploration journalist, Elena Fisher, recovering the coffin of famed explorer, Sir Francis Drake from the ocean floor. Upon desecrating the last resting place of his ancestor, Drake finds not a body in the coffin, but Francis’ journal. More importantly, this journal leads to the famed city of “El God Damned Dorado.” As a group of pirates attacks the boat that our heroes are on, they are rescued by Drake’s father figure and mentor, Victor “Sully” Sullivan. They take off in his sea plane and get back to dry land.

While resting at port, Drake and Sully abandon Elena, and take off to the Amazon. When they get there they find an old German U-Boat in the middle of the jungle. Drake works his way into the boat and finds a missing piece to Francis’ journal. This piece points Drake to a remote island in the Pacific to continue the search for El Dorado. Drake leaves the boat and finds that treasure hunting rival, Gabriel Roman, Drakes old Rival, Eddie Raja, and a group of hired mercenaries and pirates have Sully and him surrounded. The leader of the mercenaries, Atoq Navarro, and Eddie confront the two. Sully owes a lot of money to the group, who followed them to find El Dorado. Drake is forced to give them the new piece to Francis’ diary, and Roman than shoots Sully in the chest.

As Sully falls to the ground, a torpedo that Drake accidentally activated, exploding the U-Boat behind them. The explosion gives him a chance to escape from his captors and he flees the scene in the chaos. As Drake runs from the mayhem unfolding behind him, he runs into Elena, who tracked him and Sully down to give them a good talking to. Together they escape from the mob and make their way back to Sully’s seaplane, headed towards the Island mentioned in the lost diary page.

The plane gets shot down when the duo arrives to the island and they are forced to parachute out, thus separating them once again. Nate fights his way to the wreckage and finds where Elena lands. He eventually finds her parachute near an ancient temple, and works his way further into the temple to find her. After spotting Elena from afar, Nate gets captured by Eddie and his Pirate crew and locked up in an ancient jail.

Eddie mocks Drake for finally being able to capture him and right before Eddie puts an end to it all, Elena shows up and busts the wall of the jail allowing Drake to escape. The two drive away in the Jeep Elena used to bust drake out of jail. After being chased by Eddie through the island, they duo arrives at an old Customs House where Drake spots a boat. Drake tries to convince Elena that they should just leave the island in the boat, but Elena convinces him to keep going. They work their way through the Customs House and find an old log book that tells them that they treasure of El Dorado has been moved further inland.

Shortly after, Elena spots Sully, working with Roman and his Mercs, and looking surprisingly good for being dead. Drake and Elena then follow Sully to a Monastery located deeper in the island. Once they sneak into the monastery using hidden passages, they find Sully waiting for them, disappointed in their tardiness. As it turns out, Sully was carrying Francis Drake’s journal in his chest pocket, taking the bullet from Roman and sparing his life. After Roman found out that Sully wasn’t dead, they decided to kidnap him and use his knowledge of El Dorado to get them closer to the treasure. Knowing that Drake wouldn’t be too far behind, Sully just bided his time and waited for their paths to cross to make his escape.

Drake then ventures further into the monastery and overhears an argument between Roman and Eddie, regarding Eddie allowing Drake to escape the island. Eddie then mentions that there is something else on the island killing all of his men, while Roman just laughs him off as being superstitious. Drake then reunites with Elena and Sully and together they find another batch of secret tunnels that go under the monastery. The group eventually find themselves in a giant vault like room with the body of Sir Francis Drake. Nate, depressed that his ancestor and hero died while searching for El Dorado, leaves his prized possession, Francis’ Ring, with the body and they leave.

As the group leaves Francis Drake’s final resting place, they see Eddie being chased by something. It turns out that Eddie’s hunch about the cursed island was right, there are zombies on this island. In the pursuing fight, Sully disappears as Eddy and his men are killed by the monsters of the island. Drake and Elena find themselves in an abandon Nazi Submarine base, where Drake finds a letter, written by Francis Drake, stating that the Statue of El Dorado was cursed, and would turn those that tried to open it into the zombie creatures they ran into earlier. As Drake decides to destroy the statue, Roman shows up and takes Elena captive, fleeing to the site of the El Dorado Statue.

Drake reunites with Sully and together they find Roman and his crew, with Elena still captured. Prompted by Navarro, the head of Roman’s Hired Guns, Roman opens the statue, which turned out to be a casket, and is turned into a zombie. Navarro puts down Roman and states his true intentions, that he plans to weaponize the virus contained within the statue. and selling it to the highest bidder. He attaches the statue to a transport helicopter and uses it to get away, with Elena still captive. Nate jumps onto the now attached statue and works his way up to the helicopter.

Drake kills the pilot, causing the helicopter to crash onto Navarro’s freight ship. He fights his way through the ship to the helicopter’s wreckage. He finds Elena passed out on the ground and Navarro heading towards Drake. They get into a fistfight that inevitably ends with Drake pushing the wrecked helicopter into the ocean. Unknown to Navarro, his ankle was caught in the rope holding the helicopter and the treasure of El Dorado, and the helicopter, Navarro, and the cursed statue go plummeting to the Ocean floor.

Sully finds the wreckage, with a new speedboat in tote and more importantly, crates of treasure he recovered from the mausoleum. As the trio rides off into the sunset, Elena returns Francis Drake’s to Nate and tells him that she is still owed a story. The two embrace and head for their next story.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves


Uncharted 2 opens with a derailed train, hanging from the cliff of a mountain. The camera zooms into the wreckage, where a wounded Drake is sitting on a bench, at a 90-degree angle. Drake awakens as the train starts to rumble. He quickly recovers and climbs his way up the hanging railcar. He nearly escapes the car as it plummets down the mountain. Exhausted, Drake passes out in the snow.

We then flash back to Drake on a beach, as he is approached by old friend and fellow thief, Harry Flynn, joined by his partner, and assumed love interest, Chloe Frazier. The two approach Drake about a potential heist opportunity, an Oil Lamp that was used by Marco Polo during his failed trip to China in 1292. Drake Agrees and the trio start to plan the heist.

Drake makes his way back to his hotel, where he is met by Chloe. As it turns out, Drake and Chloe already know each other, quite a bit more than Flynn will ever know. The two plan on taking the lamp for themselves and fleeing together. The trio work their way through a Turkish museum and eventually grab the lamp. Drake busts it open to find a piece of paper and some blue resin. Drake burns the resin and reveals a treasure map to Borneo. Upon learning this information, Flynn sets off the alarm and leaves Drake to be captured by the police as he and Chloe make their getaway.

Three months later, Chloe and Sully bail Drake out of jail and inform him that Flynn was working for Zoran Lazarević, a former soviet intelligence agent, turned criminal warlord. It turns out that Lazarević is looking for the Cintamani Stone, a fabled source of power from the mythical city of Shambala. The group makes their way into Lazarević’s camp in Borneo, where the two find a temple where Marco Polo’s men took shelter during a storm, before killing each other. Drake determines that the stone is still in Shambala, which he discovers is located in Nepal. As Lazarević and Flynn discover Drake and Sully in their camp, they are able to escape with the help of Chloe causing a distraction.

Drake meets back up with Chloe in Nepal as Sully decides that he’s too old for this job and backs out. The two then run into Drake’s now Ex-Girlfriend, Elena, and her camera man Jeff. It turns out that they were doing an investigation on Lazarević and Drake has them group up, for fear of Elena’s safety. They end up finding a temple that reveals the entrance to Shambala to be in the Himalayas. Flynn and Lazarević show then show up, kill Jeff, and force Drake to give them the location to the entrance. They escape via a train with Chloe, as Drake chases after them, leaving Elena behind.

After fighting his way through the train, Drake finds Chloe and attempts to rescue her. Suddenly Drake is shot in the back. Flynn, upon realizing that Chloe was working with Drake and company, is behind Drake. Drake attempts to escape, before exploding the train, bringing us to where the game started.

Drake is recovered by a Tibetan native named Tenzin and wakes up in a Himalyn village a few days later. There he finds Elena, and an ex-German Explorer named Karl Schafër, who has become the Elder of Tenzin’s village. He instructs Tenzin to take Drake to his former Excavation site, where Drake discovers that Schafër killed all of his men. The duo is then attacked by a Yeti and narrowly escape the site. When they return to the Village, the find it nearly destroyed by Lazarević’s men and Schafër taken captive.

Drake and Elena try to save Schafër from the monastery he is being held at, but he succumbs to his wounds and dies. With his dying breath, Schafër tells Nate that he needs to stop Lazarević from getting the Cintamani Stone, as he has seen firsthand what it is capable of. Drake and Elena then reunite with Chloe, and with her help open the path to Shambala, before being intercepted by Flynn and Lazarević.

Forced to cooperate, the group proceeds with Lazarević and Flynn through the mythical city. They are then met by the overpowered natives, and are able to escape from Lazarević’s. Drake discovers that the Cintamani Stone is in fact the resin from the ancient Tree of Life, which grants anyone who drinks the resin immortality and unlimited power.

Drake, Elena, and Chloe fight their way through the city, towards the site of the tree, where they encounter a wounded Flynn. He reveals that Lazarević made him hold a live grenade with the pin pulled and to wait for Drake to show up, to kill them both. Flynn let’s go of the grenade, killing himself and seriously wounding Elena. Drake works his way to Lazarević while Chloe starts to get Elena to safety.

Drake confronts Lazarević who drinks the resin of the Tree, a fight then ensues with Drake and the now overpowered Lazarević. Drake eventually pushes Lazarević into a pool of Sap that he set aflame. Lazarević laughs at the fact that he and Drake aren’t so different, with all of the men Drake killed to get to him, and tells Drake to finish him off to complete his path. Drake then walks away as Lazarević is beat to death by the Native Shambalans.

Drake escapes the city as it falls to pieces and he runs into Chloe and Elena at the entrance. The three escape, but Elena collapses from her injuries. Seeing Drake’s reaction to the lifeless Elena, Chloe knows where Drake’s heart is and leaves the two alone as Elena recovers. Later on she tells Drake that if he truly loves Elena, he needs to let her know as she leaves. Drake approaches Elena and the two flirt as the camera fades away.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception


Drake, accompanied by Sully, work their way to the back room of an English bar, where they are to sell Drake’s prized ring to a business man named Talbot. Upon the realization, that the money was fake, the pair back out of their way, and Talbot sicks his henchmen on them. The ensuing bar fight works it way out to the streets, where Drake and Sully are shot down by henchman Charlie Cutter. Cutter then removes the ring from Drake’s necklace and gives it to Talbot’s client, Katherine Marlowe.

They game then shows a 15-year-old Drake in a museum show, where the same ring is being held. As Drake goes to swipe the ring, he runs into Sully, who was hired by Marlowe to take the ring for her. Drake grabs the ring and escapes from the museum as Marlowe’s men attack him. He runs across the rooftops of Columbia until he is cornered by one of Marlowe’s men. A gunshot is heard and the attacker falls to the ground. Sully shot him down and takes the young Drake to a safe house. Upon realizing that Drake was an orphan, Sully decides to take in Drake as a son and student in crime.

The camera then returns to Marlowe, leaving cutter to deal with the dead bodies in the alley as she speeds away from the crime. Cutter approaches the two as the come back to life. The trio all start to laugh as Drake pulls the real ring from under shirt. The group then meet up with their fourth, Chloe Frazier from Among Thieves, and they track Marlowe to an abandoned underground Metro Station. There they find Marlowe’s secret library, where they witness here realize Cutter’s betrayal as she tries to fit the ring into a decoder. Flustered she and Talbot run out of the room to find Cutter.

Drake enters the study and finds the journal of T.E. Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, and a map of Francis Drake’s expedition to find Iram of the Pillars. Using Lawrence’s notes and the now complete decoder, Drake finds two potential places that contain clues of where Iram of the Pillars could be. Drake and Sully head their way to an abandoned chateau in France, while Cutter and Chloe head to a Syrian Citadel.

In France, Drake and Sully find half of an amulet, before being attacked by Talbot and his men. As a firefight ensues, a trap springs from within the chateau, releasing deadly spiders that attack the group. As Sully and Drake run away from the flesh-eating insects, Talbot sets the whole place ablaze and gets away with the amulet. Drake and Sully escape the flames and head to Syria, with the hopes of getting to Chloe and Cutter before Talbot can.

In Syria, Drake and Sully find Chloe and Cutter and together they find the entrance to the citadel. As they work their way inside, Cutter is poisoned with a mind control substance and attacks Drake. Chloe rescues Drake right before being killed and Cutter recovers from the drug. Unfortunately, while under the influence of the drug he hands Marlowe the other half of the amulet. Marlowe then sets the citadel on fire as she escapes. Cutter, who was trapped by the flames, jumps from the roof of the structure and breaks his leg in the process. Chloe then takes the injured Cutter to a safe house and leaves the rest of the fight to Sully and Drake.

Drake, who had sketched the amulet into his journal, used the completed amulet to lead them to Yemen, where they meet up with Drake’s on again off again love interest, Elena. Elena gives Sully and Drake press passes to move through the city, after scolding Nate for allowing Sully to be in so much danger. The group finds a hidden vault within the city that points to the entrance of Iram of the Pillars being in the middle of the Rub’ al Khali desert. Nate is shot by the same poison that Cutter was in Syria, and therefore isn’t able to find the exact location.

Drake makes his way through the city in a drug fueled haze before coming to at a table, surrounded by Marlowe and Talbot. Marlowe then reveals a secret that Nate hides from everyone, that his real name isn’t Nathan Drake. Talbot then gets a tip at where Elena and Sully were hiding and Drake chases after him to save his friends. Drake pursue Talbot until being knocked out again, this time waking up in an abandoned ship graveyard, being held captive by a pirate hired by Marlowe named Ramses.

Drake fights his way through the graveyard, and to Ramses luxury boat, where he believes Sully was being held. Drake works his way through the boat, to Sully’s makeshift prison, only to realize that Sully was never there to start. In the pursuing fight, Drake accidently causes an explosion that causes the ship to sink. In a last ditch effort of Martyrdom, Ramses blows out the glass walls of his boat and causes the ship to sink even faster. Drake narrowly escapes the capsizing vessel and washes up on the shore of Yemen.

Drake works his way to Elena’s hotel, where he discovers that Sully has been taken captive by Talbot and Marlowe. The two then work their way to the airport where Marlowe was sending planes to the Rub’ al Khali desert to find Iram of the Pillars. Drake leaves Elena behind to save her from the danger of Marlowe, to board one of the many Cargo planes. After missing the chance of getting into the cargo hold, Elena helps Drake jump onto the landing gear of the plane and he takes off toward the desert.

Drake is then discovered by a guard on the plane, and a firefight occurs. The fighting results in a rapid depressurization of the plane that causes it to crash in the middle of the desert, leaving Drake as the lone survivor of the wreckage. He grabs an Assault Rifle from one of the dead bodies and starts walking through the desert.

After days of walking through the desert, and almost dying more than once of exhaustion and thirst, Drake comes across and abandoned village. There Marlowe’s men were searching for any sign of Iram and find Drake. Outnumbered, outgunned, and exhausted, Nate is overrun by the soldiers and is about to get captured when a group of tribesmen fight their way into the camp and rescue Drake.

Led by Sheik Salim, the group takes Drake back to their camp, where Salim tells Drake that Iram of the Pillars is actually an ancient city known as Ubar. The legends say that Ubar was used to seal the souls of the evil Djinn by King Solomon. Salim then decides to help Drake find Marlowe and save Sully. Luckily, Salim’s scouts picked up Marlowe’s trail, and Drake sets off with the group to attack them. As they assault the convoy, Drake finds Sully and together they take down the rest of Marlowe’s men and head to Ubar.

Together, the two open the entrance to Ubar, and find that it is a desert oasis with an untouched water supply. Nate drinks the water as a gunshot sounds and Sully falls to the floor. Nate sees Talbot and Marlowe take an elevator down, as the Djinn start to attack him. Nate fights his way through the city in a rage induced haze, until he starts to have hallucinations of his childhood. This shocks his mind into recovering and he realizes that he was hallucinating from the water.

Reunited with the very much alive Sully, Drake deduces that the Djinn contaminated the water supply and drove the citizens of Ubar to kill each other. Drake then finds that Francis Drake knew this, and that Queen Elizabeth, who sent him on the expedition, wanted to use the Djinn as weapons. Francis, not wanting to allow the Queen that much power, told her that the city didn’t exist and destroyed all of his findings from the expedition.

Together, Sully and Drake find Marlowe and Talbot recovering the Brass vessel the Djinn used to contaminate the water supply. Drake destroys the winch used to pull up the vessel and the supports of the city, creating a giant sink hole that starts to swallow the city. Marlowe gets caught in the sinking quicksand and is swallowed by the city with Drake’s ring, despite Nate’s attempts to save her. Talbot then chases Nate and Sully to the entrance, and attempts to kill Sully before being shot by Drake. The two escape the doomed city with the help of Salim, who shows up at the last minute to escort them to safety.

Sully and Nate reunite with Elena in Yemen and meet at the airport Drake left Elena at. Holding Drake behind, Sully gives Nate the ring from his failed engagement with Elena and gives him the courage to try again with her. Together the group walks toward a new sea plan, reminiscent to the one Nate and Elena crashed in the first game.


So there we have it. In just shy of six pages (cough single spaced cough cough) The entire recap of the Uncharted trilogy before you play Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The game is set to be a technical marvel from the minds of Naughty Dog, and is easily one of the most anticipated releases of the year. I hope that if you made it this far into the article, it has helped clear up and set the stage for Drake’s newest adventure, out today exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some thieving to do!

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