Tommy’s Diner – Nostalgia alive and well

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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The Columbus Dispatch wrote Tommy’s Diner – Nostalgia alive and well

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Tommy’s Diner doesn’t resemble the Statehouse, but the Franklinton establishment does have some notable things in common with the Ohio seat of government.

Both are longtime Columbus institutions. Both have seen their share of politicians wheeling and dealing.

And a surprising number of folks born and raised in Columbus have never been inside either one.

Although the building has had a restaurant since 1946, Tommy and Kathy Pappas opened Tommy’s Diner in 1989 — across from another landmark, the Florentine.

They built clientele by providing traditional diner fare such as chili and catfish as well as breakfast foods such as steak and eggs — plus pancakes about the size of manhole covers. The menu tips its hat to the Pappases’ Greek heritage with ethnic staples.


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