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Tips to Boost Your Mind, Body & Bank Account During Self-Care September

Jaszmine Davis Jaszmine Davis Tips to Boost Your Mind, Body & Bank Account During Self-Care September
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Self-care. This one practice is so important yet often neglected in our everyday lives. Why? Because although self-care is essential, it isn’t always easy. We are so busy with careers, daily duties and putting other’s needs before our own that we often forget about our personal well-being. During Self-Care Awareness month, we challenge you to practice self-care in ways that will boost your mind, body, and bank account to keep you healthy, happy and thriving. Here are some great tips on how to do just that.

Boost Your Mind. Read a new book or research the latest TED Talks and podcasts. This will open your mind to an entirely new experience and chances are you will learn something that can be applied to your every day life. Learn something new to get out of your comfort zone. Or take a break and unplug from technology for a day. Trust us; your brain will thank you.

Boost Your Body. It’s time to focus on your physical health. Take a nap, pick up a new exercise, book a massage, or even take a healthy cooking class to learn new recipes and ways to cook. You can also commit to taking a walk or meditating daily. Or you can try getting on a better sleep regimen to be rested and fully focused for the next day. Choose to tune into what your body needs and take the time to nourish it properly.

Boost Your Bank Account. Financial stress is a real issue. Recent studies show that people are often more stressed about money than their relationships or jobs. With this in mind, use the month of September to really take a look at your finances. Create a plan to pay off or pay down your debt. Cash in on reward points or coupons to save money. You can also save by canceling unused subscriptions and unsubscribing from retail emails that entice you to spend. Remember, self-care is all about taking care of your whole self, finances included.

Bottom line: Dedicate the month of September to caring for yourself and creating good habits that can last all year long. 

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