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Thurman’s To-Go Opens in Pataskala

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Thurman’s To-Go Opens in Pataskala
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Thurman’s Café, located at 183 Thurman Avenue, has been a Columbus institution for over 70 years. This past April, in response to the many complaints about long wait times for seating and service, Thurman’s launched a carryout-only venture adjacent to the restaurant, at 189 Thurman Avenue.

The success of Thurman’s To-Go has been obvious. Customer satisfaction has risen, and so lucrative is the concept that it’s not only garnered its own crowd of regulars, but has spawned the inception of an entirely new location.

Pataskala is home to the Suclescy family, owners of Thurman’s, and the new site for Thurman’s To-Go. It will occupy 1,200 square-feet at 14950 East Broad Street, a space with a big lobby and decent-sized kitchen that’s up to the task of producing some of the best burgers in the city for carry-out.

Much will remain the same at the new store as at the original take-out. Customers will be able to place their orders over-the-phone or at the window. There will be small changes made to the menu, however, in an effort to manage resources.

So, visitors won’t see the Salsa Burger or the Jack Cheese Burger on the menu at Thurman’s To-Go Pataskala, but they will be able to pick up a Pepper Jack Cheese Burger for the road, neatly packed in one of Thurman’s convenient “chicken boxes”, so called because they resemble the ones rotisserie chickens are sold in (so the burger can stand up tall).

Diners will now also be able to order a smaller version of their favorite burger. A new 5-oz patty will be introduced, a way to appeal to the lunch crowd who does not always have the time, or appetite, for Thurman’s standard 12-ounces. Burgers will come topped with the usual fixings, plus the patrons’ choice of cheese, a side of fries, and coleslaw for $8.99.

Final inspections and permits are being settled this week, and Thurman’s To-Go Pataskala could be open as soon as the end of this week. If not, they will open next week for sure. The hours of operation have not yet been decided as the presence of The Dugout Sports Bar next door, which does not have a kitchen, could influence closing time.

This Thurman’s location will be under the operation of Aaron Suclescy, grandson of founder Nick Suclescy, and he will be the one manning the grill, answering the phones, and doing whatever else needs to be done at launch to make this venture a success.

“I grew up eating the food of Pataskala, where there really wasn’t that much diversity,” shares Suclescy. “We were looking for the right situation, and we already had a relationship with the landlord and the community, and there was a need, so we went for it.”

Orders to the new Thurman’s To-Go can be made by calling 614-626-4067. Online ordering will soon be made available. For a look at Thurman’s extensive menu, visit www.thethurmancafe.com.

Photo via Thurman Cafe.

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