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Thurman’s To-Go is the new go-to in German Village

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson Thurman’s To-Go is the new go-to in German Village
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For the past seventy one years, Thurman’s Cafe has been serving Central Ohio and all who visit it some of the best hamburgers around. Known for their massive size, plethora of toppings, and classic chargrilled flavor, Thurman’s has been popular with locals and tourists alike. And that’s where the problem came in. See, everyone wanted to get Thurmanized, but they don’t take reservations, so what do you do when you have the fix but not the hours to spare?

You get Thurmans – to go! Introduced only months ago, Thurman’s To-Go is already making fans of the German Village landmark happier as previously, the wait for a juicy Thurman’s burger could range anywhere from 1-2 hours. That wait time has now been cut to 20-30 minutes, a guaranteed 45-minute wait at the most during peak hours.

“We really wanted to start capitalizing on all the missed business,” Aaron Suclescy, grandson of founder Nick Suclescy shared. “The problem was we were too busy (appropriate ‘that’s really a problem chuckle’ here), but we couldn’t expand the restaurant because of zoning issues.”

Instead, they opened the carry-out spot just adjacent at 189 Thurman Avenue, where the Bakery Gingham once stood. There is a separate and much larger kitchen than the dine-in restaurant so they’re able to keep up with the demand – on both fronts.

“With this concept, we’re no longer putting so much pressure on Thurman’s business” Suclescy added. “Plus, we can introduce new items over here, some things that make this a little different, give our guys the space to be creative.”

So look out for new menu items like pizzas, and new offerings like catering options and lunch membership programs for businesses in the area. They’re also exploring new take-out box options to prevent “soggy bun syndrome”, an improvement after years of customer feedback.

To place a carry-out order, call 614-443-1570 x1. For a full menu, both for dine-in and take-out, visit www.thethurmancafe.com.

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