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Three Oaks Vineyard Offers Small Batch Wines in Granville

Walker Evans Walker Evans Three Oaks Vineyard Offers Small Batch Wines in Granville
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One of the benefits often touted about life in Columbus Ohio is that a very short drive can take you from the urban core of the city into various agricultural areas that surround the region. Not all of it is corn fields and cows either. Three Oaks Vineyard is a great example of a family-run business venture that combines the skill of harvesting grapes with the hot trend of small batch wines served in an intimate venue removed from the heart of the city by only a 45 minute drive northeast of Downtown Columbus.

We spoke recently with Diana Hooverman, co-owner of Three Oaks Vineyard to find out more about their growing business. Our full Q&A session can be found below:

Columbus Underground is celebrating Wine Week with features on local wineries, wine shops, wine bars and more! This series is brought to you by Ohio Wines!

Q: First, can you start us off with a bit of the history behind your winery and vineyard?

A: My husband Pete and I moved to the Granville area in 2005 and started our vineyard the following year in 2006. That first year we planted just nine vines, and today we have over 800. In 2012, we became a licensed and bonded winery.

Q: What types of wines do you specialize in?

A: We make wines for all tastes. St. Croix and Pinot Noir (and next year, Marquette) are made for our dry red wine lovers. Our dry whites include St. Pepin and White Pinot Noir. The sweeter wines include Catawba, Niagara, Brianna, Beta, Apple, Isabella and Concord. Next year we plan on adding a dry Niagara to increase our supply of dry whites. Our wines are exclusively available at our winery and go fast, so please check our website to see what’s available.

Q: It sounds like the entire process of making wine takes place on site at Three Oaks, correct?

A: We do it all. We plant the vines, care for them and, with the help of friends and family, harvest them. They are crushed within a few hours of harvest. Then we craft the wine, bottle it, label it and serve it.

Q: Would you say that the wine industry is on the upswing right now in Ohio?

A: The wine industry is definitely growing. We’ve really received a lot of support from the state and many of wineries throughout Ohio. Everyone in the industry here is great.

Q: Are there any special events that take place at Three Oaks?

A: We offer wine tastings and vineyard tours. Occasionally, we plan to have local musicians to add to the fun.

Q: Anything else we should know about your wines or your winery?

A: We’re in a beautiful setting located six miles north of Granville. Come out to enjoy a glass of wine on our patio, and bring a picnic lunch if you like. And if you love nature or want to learn about the grapes, take a tour of our vineyard.

For more information, visit www.threeoaksvineyard.com.

Photos via Three Oaks Vineyard.

From July 8th to July 14th, Columbus Underground is Celebrating Wine Week, brought to you by Ohio Wines! Ohio has a long and proud agricultural history, and the wine industry is a significant part of it. Since the 1830s, vineyards have thrived from the Ohio River Valley to the Lake Erie islands. Ohio is now home to more than 160 wineries. Ohio winemakers and Ohio consumers have discovered the unique influence Ohio’s soils and climate have on the creation of fine wines.

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