The Zone Initiative Project

 Richard C. Pfeiffer, Jr.
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Concerned about public nuisances in your neighborhood? Concerned about property not being kept up to the City’s housing, building, zoning or safety codes? Is street prostitution a problem in your neighborhood? Is your neighborhood being tagged by graffiti? Is there a liquor permit holder who is not maintaining his or her business pursuant to the standards of a responsible permit holder?

With funding help from Columbus City Council members President Michael Mentel, President Pro Tem Kevin Boyce, Maryellen O’Shaughnessy, Charleta Tavares, Priscilla Tyson, Andrew Ginther and Hearcel Craig, I have created a team of five attorneys who work on an effort we call The Zone Initiative Project. What is it?

The Columbus Division of Police has geographically divided the City into five Police Zones. To each Zone I have assigned an attorney whose responsibility it is to be in touch with the police officers, code enforcement officers, health department inspectors, fire fighters, area commissions and civic associations in the Zone to determine how we can use the law and the courts to address and attempt to remedy persistent problems in the Zone. This Project has existed for some months. Most recently, the Project closed down an establishment in Franklinton called Downtown Dolls, an establishment which created significant secondary negative effects on the neighborhood, to include two homicides.

I ask you to go to the City Attorney’s website,, and click the link on our home page that will take you to a description of the five zones, the pictures of the attorneys assigned to those zones and the direct phone numbers and email addresses for the Zone attorneys.

Please contact me or the Zone Attorney for your area if you have a concern that needs addressed.

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