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The View on Pavey Square Development Approved at Five Stories

Walker Evans Walker Evans The View on Pavey Square Development Approved at Five StoriesRenderings via BBCO Design.
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After nine months of public discussion and architectural revision, The View on Pavey Square was finally met with approval by the University Area Review Board on Thursday night.

What was originally proposed as an 11-story mixed-use development for the entire High Street block between Northwood and Oakland Avenues has been reduced to a five-story structure primarily situated to the back of the property along the alleyway. The original plan called for the demolition of 10 of the 12 buildings on the block, which was met with a lot of pushback from the Review Board and area residents who voiced their concerns during public meetings.

The approved plan will preserve six of the eight buildings on the block that face High Street, only demolishing the southern two buildings, one of which currently houses popular restaurant Cazuela’s Grill. The four smaller buildings on the back end of the property will be demolished to make room for the new five-story structure.

In its approved form, Pavey will include 132 apartments — containing a mix of studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom units — plus 6,587 square feet of retail and office space. A total of 253 parking spaces will also be accommodated with structured parking in the new building.

“We are generally pleased with outcome at last weeks UARB hearing to finally receive our conceptual design approval so that we can move forward with this project,” stated Mike Balakrishnan, founder of project developer Celmark Development Group. “We are responding to the market demand from the current generation of students for better facilities closer to campus in a walkable community. This has been a tough fight but in the end we feel that the neighborhood will benefit from a high quality development and at the same time restore and preserve the streetscape along High Street.”

The View on Pavey Square is being developed by Celmark Development Group and Solove Real Estate.

Renderings via BBCO Design.







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