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The Vanderelli Room Art Gallery Opens in Franklinton

Walker Evans Walker Evans The Vanderelli Room Art Gallery Opens in Franklinton
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Alicia Jean (AJ for short) Vanderelli has been a part of the artistic renaissance in Franklinton ever since she first moved into her studio space at 400 West Rich in late 2011. This weekend, she’s expanding her commitment exponentially with the grand opening of The Vanderelli Room, a brand-new art gallery space located in a former church building at 218 McDowell Street, not far from her studio.

“The space became available, and once I was in here I realized it should be a gallery,” explained Vanderelli. “I never thought about running my own gallery, but you can tell that the space really wants to be a gallery.”

Vanderelli graduated from CCAD with a degree in Fine Arts, and spent some time at the Milo Arts Complex before relocating her studio to Franklinton. She describes her oil painting work as being influenced by the Old Masters, but says that her new 1,500 square foot gallery will showcase a wide variety of artistic displays ranging from the visual arts to performance art to spoken word and theatre.

“I’m really receptive to allowing the artists that I know or respect to curate a show if it presents itself well,” she says. “The opening show on Friday will feature work ranging from abstract to realism and a range of artists from Michael Halliday to Stephanie Rond.”

That opening exhibition is called The Dream and the Dreamer, and will run from 7pm to 10pm with live music by Stone Jelly and food catered by Gourmet Rebellion. The next planned show will open on January 17th with a focus on Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast cereals.

“I’m excited and nervous about opening because everyone I talk to about it is so stoked,” says Vanderelli. “I have no experience with this, so they’re completely trusting in me, which is rad.”

For more information, visit www.facebook.com/thevanderelliroom.






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