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The Top 10 Video Games of 2016

Cody Starcher Cody Starcher The Top 10 Video Games of 2016
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It’s that time of year! Everyone gets to talk about the best games from the past year, as we leave it behind. There were a ton of awesome games this year so I’m gonna go over my top 10(ish) games from 2016. Lets get started!

10. No Man’s Sky

Ok let’s start this list off with some controversy. I LOVE No Man’s Sky. The game, which by all means did not live up to any of the hype that fans, critics, or the developers themselves hoped for, it still was a great time for a player who loves to just explore and open world. It’s a game you play when you need to unwind for 20 minutes. While it is 100% not for everyone, it’s hit a chord with me and my love of exploring in video games.

9. The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was announced as a PlayStation 3 Exclusive in 2009. Since then it has been the butt of all jokes whether it would actually release. After a tumultuous development cycle, and switching the development team in 2014, we finally saw the release of the tale about a boy and his bird-dog-thing, and it was well worth the wait. While the reliance of Trico’s AI to progress the story progress can get aggravating, the art and the story that the game tells is like nothing I’ve played before. If you liked ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, or own a pet, you should give The Last Guardian a shot.


The shooter where time only moves when you do, Superhot is one of my favorite shooters of 2016. Since time only moves when you do, the game takes the standard First Person Shooter formula and turns it into a strategy and puzzle game. Taking away the twitch-based aspects of Shooters, requiring quick reflexes and planning, allows for Superhot to shine in over the top action movie scenes we’re you dodge and weave through bullets, or clear an elevator of enemies before the doors even open. Although the story is short, and the game is expensive for the time to beat the core campaign (around 2 hours), Superhot provides some of the best gameplay of 2016. Overall, SUPERHOT is the most innovative shooter I’ve played in years!

7. Pokemon GO

We all played it, I still play it, it’s got it’s ups and downs but it was by far the most popular mobile app of the year. Being the kid who always had his Gameboy in his pocket (or 3DS now) and the one who sang the theme song for his elementary Music class, I was never shy about my love for the brand. Pokémon GO did what I always hoped was possible, allowed me to go into my back yard and catch a Pikachu. While we’re still waiting for plenty of promised updates, and the system is exclusive in who can really enjoy the game (Shout out to my Rural Players!), Pokémon GO also brought out masses of people this summer, everyone trying to “Catch ‘em All” and that’s what made it so special.

6. Titanfall 2

The original, multiplayer only, Titanfall was a great first person shooter that left me wanting more about the world the game took place in. Titanfall 2 gave me exactly that, with a single player campaign that dove deeper into the world of Titans and their pilots. Taking the parkour centric gameplay of the multiplayer and creating an entire single player around these mechanics created a fast and action packed experience that was hard to top. Add the great multiplayer from the first game and Titanfall 2 was hard to top this year.

5. Watch Dogs 2

I’ve said it before, but I LOVE Watch_Dogs. The hacking gameplay was incredible novel to me and kept me playing for hours past the main story ended. So when Watch Dogs 2 was revealed, I was incredibly excited to dive back into the ctOS System. This time, the game takes place in San Francisco, and the tech based, sun bathed city makes perfect since for the world of Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs 2 takes a hard swerve away from the bland character of Aiden Pearce and throws style and character in your face from everywhere from the missions to the loading screens. While this gets old incredibly quick, it eventually comes back around as you’re remotely driving a Knight Rider-esque car through the streets of San Francisco to gain more followers of your Phone App.

4. Severed

Drinkbox Studios is becoming one of my favorite indie studios. With their Tales from Space series, and the highly successful “Guacamelee!”, Drinkbox followed up with a game on my one of my favorite handhelds, the PS Vita (although now it is available for Phones and Nintendo consoles). Severed is a dungeon crawler that uses Fruit Ninja’s slashing mechanics as a combat system, and it works surprisingly well. With intelligent Enemy designs, an interestingly designed map, and an upgrade system that kept me coming back for more, Severed is a must play regardless of the platform.

3. Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog has become the gold standard for Game Developers. With incredible art, music, and gameplay, paired with a narrative team that can make you laugh and cry within a 5-minute span, Uncharted 4 is Naughty Dog’s true testament to video games. Uncharted 4 gives us the ending to Nathan Drake’s story and left me on edge more than a few times. With a witty story, that isn’t afraid to go darker than previous entries, one of my favorite video game scenes of all time, and visuals that blow most other console games out of the water, Uncharted 4 is a must play for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4.

2. Overwatch

Overwatch is the fastest I have gone from learning about a new game and buying it since Call of Duty 4. This multiplayer only, first person shooter features 23 characters in 4 different classes that each play completely different and have their unique purposes. The game is the king of easy to play hard to master gameplay, and has plenty of smart design choices to allow for everyone to find someone to be good at. If you’re a fan of First Person Shooters, I highly suggest trying out Overwatch.

1. Pokemon Sun and Moon

After reading my childhood memories in 7, can you really be that surprised that the core Pokémon entry from 2016 made my top game of the year? Pokémon Sun (which is the version I played) is one of the best entries in the entire series. Taking place in the Hawaiian themed region of Alola, Sun and Moon ditch the 8 gym system of previous games to try an narrative based game this time around. This provided another interesting look not only in the world of Pokémon, but in the cultures of the Alolan inhabitants. Combine that with some great improvements to the basic gameplay, like Z-Moves, and the bringing in a spiritual successor to Pokémon Snap, Sun and Moon have a ton to offer to New, Old, and Returning fans alike.


1. The Witness

The newest game from Braid creator Jonathon Blow, The Witness puts you on an island filled with puzzles and that’s all they tell you. However, the creative puzzle design and innovative use of technology makes the Witness a must play for puzzle lovers.

2. Final Fantasy XV

It’s Boy Band Simulater 2016. You go on a road trip with 3 of your bros and beat things up. It’s corny, it’s visually stunning, it’s incredible.

3. Owlboy

My indie pick that I was super stoked for but had no time to play. It’s a platformer that was 7 years in the making that is well worth the wait. The first ten minutes alone are worth the price of admission. Give it a shot

4. Forza Horizon 3

I’m a sucker for open world racing games, and Forza Horizon is some of the best in the genre. Set in Australia, Forza Horizon 3 brings the high speed adrenaline down under for an awesome time.

5. Persona 5

OK fine, it’s not out in America until April 2017, but it’s out in Japan and I really want Persona 5 on my list of best games for two years in a row. I’m prepared to not leave my house for all of April, are you?

Are you still there? Did I miss your favorite game from 2016? Yell at me in the comments below!

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