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The Top 10 Confluence Cast Episodes of 2017

Best of CU Best of CU The Top 10 Confluence Cast Episodes of 2017
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The Confluence Cast has covered a wide variety of topics every week throughout 2017, featuring interviews that talk about the civics, lifestyle, entertainment and people of our city. Host Tim Fulton takes a deep dive with locals to provide robust insight into individual areas of interest, and some of those topics have proven to be wildly popular with our readers and listeners.

Below, you’ll find the top 10 episode of The Confluence Cast of 2017, based on their total number of listens. And if you missed any of these episodes along the way, now’s a great time to catch up (and subscribe via iTunes).

10. Actors’ Theatre of Columbus

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All the world’s a stage… and one man in his time plays many parts. The artistic director of Actors’ Theatre is no different. On the occasion of their 36th season, Phillip Hickman sat down to talk about his role at the Schiller Park institution, how they put together their season each year, and the importance of accessible art.

9. Coding Bootcamps

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The disparity between the tech job openings in Columbus and qualified candidates to fill them is vast. To help bridge that gap, coding bootcamps have been popping up around town. Tech Elevator co-founder and CEO Anthony Hughes talks about their program, who may be interested in it, and what makes Columbus a good market for them.

8. Stephanie Rond

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The Columbus Arts Festival is quickly approaching, and their Sign Your Art installation is making a comeback. Tim Fulton sat down with organizer and artist Stephanie Rond to talk about the project, her work and background, and the thorns that she sees in the Columbus arts community.


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For the first time in their over 40-year history, the Central Ohio Transit Authority is changing up their routes. Tim Fulton spoke with representatives from COTA about how the new system was designed and what the philosophy was behind it. We also learned more about COTA as a whole, some of their new initiatives that they are rolling out, and how you can find you way with the new system.

6. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

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It’s getting hoppy in here. Tim Fulton spoke with Chris Davison, the head brewer at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, about sour beers, the brewing process, the brewing community, what other breweries in town you should be checking out, why Columbus is a young beer scene, and why that’s a good thing.

5. Jay Clouse

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Project manager, community builder, and writer Jay Clouse has experienced most stages of an entrepreneurial business in a short time. Tim Fulton sat down with Jay to talk about his experience, the similarity between comedy and entrepreneurship, and the importance of asking good questions.

4. The Hilltop

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To kick off our neighborhoods series, we’re starting with one of Columbus’ largest, the Hilltop. On the occasion of their newly completed Camp Chase Trail, Jody Dzuranin and Betty Jaynes sat down to discuss the new trail, the renaissance that they’re fighting for on the Hilltop, some of the sensitivities and perceptions that the westside faces, and what they’re doing to demonstrate the buying power of the neighborhood.

3. Venture Capital

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In June we discussed capital in the capital city. VentureOhio helps to facilitate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our state, and their annual VentureReport takes a detailed look at Ohio investment activity and the people and companies putting Ohio on the map. Tim Fulton sat down with VentureOhio’s CEO Falon Donohue and Brad Mascho, the co-founder of local startup CrossChx to talk about the report, how venture capital works, and the opportunities available for entrepreneurs.

2. Late Night Slice

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Face it, anybody can make pizza. It takes vision to turn a slice of pizza into a brand. Tim Fulton sat down with Mikey Sorboro at the Columbus Podcast Festival for a casual conversation about how to start a business, the virtues (or lack there of) of owning a food truck, and the importance of a branding experience.

1. Kaufman Development

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How do commercial real-estate developers create community? In October, Tim Fulton sat down with Brian Suiter, Director of Real Estate Development for Kaufman Development to talk about the future of development in Columbus, Kaufman’s development goals and philosophy, the many moving parts involved in large-scale real estate, and The Gravity Project, an impressive new mixed-use building (and community concept) currently under construction in Franklinton.

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