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Watch The Third Presidential Debate

Walker Evans Walker Evans Watch The Third Presidential Debate
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The third and final debate kicks off tonight at 9pm. NBC News is streaming the debate online, which we’ll be tuning into and updating here on Columbus Underground, Facebook and Twitter:

The third debate has been called by pundits as the final opportunity for Donald Trump to turn his campaign around. Trump’s recent decline in polling numbers began in late September when reports revealed that the real estate mogul has likely dodged paying income taxes for the past twenty years, which Trump confirmed during the second debate. A series of Trump controversies have continued to surface every few days since then, including vitrolic late-night tweets directed at a former Miss Universe, the surfacing of a 2005 video where Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, the loss of support from many prominent GOP leaders, the lack of endorsements from traditionally conservative newspapers including The Dispatch, reports that Trump walked in on nude contestants when he owned the Miss USA pageant, a series of audio recordings of Trump on the Howard Stern show where he disparaged women, and allegations from multiple women who say that they have been sexually assaulted by Trump in the past.

According to polling analysis website FiveThirtyEight, Hillary Clinton’s chance of winning stands at 87 percent today — a level that has maintained for the past week.

Stay tuned for additional updates as tonight’s debate progresses.


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