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The Sonoma Grille Set for Spring Opening in The Arena District

Rebecca Wagner Rebecca Wagner The Sonoma Grille Set for Spring Opening in The Arena District
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The Arena District will getting a dose of California cuisine this spring.

The Sonoma Grille, a casual West Coast rustic restaurant, has moved into the former Darz Cafe location on 111 W. Nationwide Boulevard. Construction began in January, with an intensive remodel that included building a full kitchen. The interior of Sonoma will seat 20-25, while the patio will seat 50-75. The restaurant itself is a grassroots initiative, part of a franchise backed by a private investor.

“We’re serving fresh, timely food that’s consistent. We’ve taken baby steps so far – we’re getting there,” said owner Pamela Lowery. “This restaurant came to me in a dream last April, and it’s finally come to fruition.”

The menu is West Coast-inspired cuisine with a hint of Midwest flair, combining comfort food with fresh ingredients. Deep-fried avocado with a tilapia ceviche, shrimp burgers, and portobello mushroom sandwiches are just a few items gracing the developing menu. The drink menu will include beer, signature cocktails, and wines from Napa Valley and (naturally) Sonoma county. The restaurant will be “family friendly, yet mature,” said Lowery.

An opening is slated for the second week of May. The Sonoma Grille will be open for breakfast, lunch, and a light dinner, with both takeout and catering available.

For more information, visit www.sonomacolumbus.com.

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