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The Pink Cow Bringing Southern Comfort Food Downtown

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Pink Cow Bringing Southern Comfort Food Downtown
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If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could get some good, ole-fashioned, Southern comfort food in this city, then brace yourself, because by the end of August, Pink Cow will open at the former Fresh 50 location in the downtown, at 50 North High Street.

Edit: The location of The Pink Cow has been announced as changing after the original publishing of this article.

Pink Cow is the latest addition from Downtown restaurateur Yavonne Sarber, who with her husband Wade, are the driving forces behind de-Novo Bistro & Bar, Manifesto Tuscan Grato & Scotch Bar, Capital Fitness Gym, and the pending Chez du Bon and Le Bleu Salle (which open in October of this year and 2014 respectively).

The concept draws from Sarber’s roots, and the menu will offer Southern classics with a twist designed to take customers to their happy place. Look for staples like Chicken and Waffles and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches, as well as new favorites like Pork Belly Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Mammal Maxine’s Banana Pudding.

“I’m from the South, so this is a concept I’ve had for a while,” shares Sarber. “There’re several different types of Southern food, but we’ll be doing North Carolina style.”

Chef Magellan, who has worked in the kitchens of G. Michael’s and Mezzo Italian, and is a recent addition at de-Novo, will be the executive in charge of the kitchen, and his thirteen year experience promises to elevate the cuisine at Pink Cow into more than the traditional, down-home cooking with which we’re all familiar.

The style at the Pink Cow will most closely resemble that of an elevated diner. Patrons will be able to come in, choose their items at the counter, and then have it brought out to them on fine china. All meals will be under $12, making it the perfect spot to grab a quick lunch, or enjoy a casual dinner.

There will also be beer and wine available at the new eatery, which should seat 60-70 customers at a time.

Pink Cow will be open seven days a week, from 10:30am-8pm. For more on the progress of the opening, visit the CU Messageboard.

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