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The Passenger Rail Investment & Improvement Act

Stu Nicholson Stu Nicholson
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The U.S. House of Reps. this past week introduced HR-6003, the long-awaited House version of Senate Bill 294: The Passenger Rail Investment & Improvement Act, which would:

1. Create a first-ever, five year funding scenario for Amtrak with a total funding of $14.2 Billion dollars, which would allow them to fiannly expand intercity service and improve aging passenger equipment.

2. Creates a first-ever funding mechanism (80-20% matching system federal/state) that states can draw upon to build their own passenger rail plans such as the Ohio Hub and/or fulfill the Governor’s request to get passenger rail service started up on an interim basis in the 3-C Corridor.

Now is the time to be talking these bills up to your MOC (Member of Congress). Be loud and clear about it. Tell them your tired of having no options to “pain at the pump”.

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