The New Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café Set to Open

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The New Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café Set to Open
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Entering Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café is akin to stepping into another world, one filled with European charm, old world luxury, and nostalgic backdrop. Located at 2885 North High Street, Anand and Doris Saha have been serving the Clintonville community and beyond since 1995, in that time building a cult-like following of loyal patrons who not only dig the food and scene, but the people as well.

It’s now 18 years later, and the Sahas are saying thank you to the neighborhood who has supported their dreams since their immigration from Austria by opening a brand new location for Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café – a massive, multi-room space which can accommodate over 300 guests at a time.

“We have been looking for a permanent home for Mozart’s for several years,” shares owner Anand Saha. “This building has a rich history in Clintonville, and the distinctive architecture is a perfect match for our classical theme. The Clintonville neighborhood is where we have made our home, built our business, and raised our children. We hope to transform what started as a dream and challenge…into a thriving, multi-generational neighborhood institution.”

Housed in the former Beechwold Tavern at 4784 North High Street, the new Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café isn’t so much “new” as an expansion on the brand that should now offer customers more cohesive access to the Mozart’s experiences they enjoy. The original layout of the former occupant, which dates back to the early twentieth century, has been restored, especially its amazing terrazzo floors.

Guests will quickly become fans of the Amadeus Ballroom, a 3,500 square-feet dining hall which will seat some 200 diners. There will also be a café area to hold 35, a main dining area that can accommodate 60, and a patio that will comfortably cater to 40 visitors.

Just this past May, Clintonville residents voted to allow Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café, as well as other local outfit Global Gallery, to acquire liquor permits in a part of the city that had traditionally been dry. This means that customers can now come in to enjoy a glass of wine with their casual dinner just as easily as they can leisurely sip on Afternoon Tea, or savor a scoop of gelato on a hot summer day.

Mozart’s will continue to have live piano accompaniment at most meals, and are as committed as ever to introducing authentic European flavors to Columbus. This new venture has only fueled the love, drive, and enthusiasm Saha has for his business and community, and by all indications, this Mozart’s will not only be bigger and better, but a true icon in the city.

“Over the years, we have experimented with many different things,” adds Saha. “Our new location gives us the opportunity to bring all these elements under one roof; the European ambiance, live piano, intensive owner engagement and community involvement are all integral to Mozart’s. We are proud to give [our neighbors] the chance to create new memories that we hope will live on for many more decades to come.”

Mozart’s Bakery & Piano Café will hold their grand opening on Wednesday, July 31st. Mayor Mike Coleman will be the guest of honor at the festivities, which kick off at 11am. For more on the opening and new face of Mozart’s, visit www.mozartscafe.com.

Photos by Walker Evans.

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