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The New Columbus Chefs – Forbes Rigsby

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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This week, Columbus Underground is taking a look at some of the amazing young talent in the kitchens of your favorite local restaurants.

Forbes Rigsby is what you might consider a “chip off the old block”. His father, Kent Rigsby opened his popular Short North establishment Rigsby’s Kitchen nearly 25 year ago, shortly after Forbes was born. Since then, Forbes has taken up the family trade and has been spending his time studying and putting in his dues with the family business. “My co-workers make the restaurant business interesting and fun,” said Forbes. “I try to remain easy going and try to enjoy myself both at work and outside of work.”

: Forbes Rigsby
Age: 25
Training Experience: “I was born into the restaurant business. There is a picture of my dad, Kent Rigsby, holding me as a newborn on the line at Lindey’s. I’ve been training under my father and other mentors at Rigsby’s Kitchen for the past 5 years.”
Kitchen Experience: “My only cooking job as been at Rigsby’s as I’ve progressed from lowly no-nothing prep cook, to night time sous-chef.”
Current Job: Sous Chef at Rigsby’s Kitchen

Favorite Cusine: “I would say Italian, but I really enjoy anything that involves fresh, natural, and as much as possible, local ingredients.”

Favorite dish to make: “I like to keep it simple… whole Branzino grilled then braised in the oven with a fennel tomato sauce.”

Favorite food to eat: “Cold pizza from Tommy’s in Arlington.”

Least favorite food: “Any type of chain restaurant food.”

Favorite kitchen utensil/tool: “My 10-inch Shun chefs knife that can cut about anything.”

Favorite cookbook: “Mario Batali’s The Babbo Cookbook.”

Favorite Columbus restaurant: “Of course, Rigsby’s Kitchen.”

Your Inspirational figures: “Kent Rigsby, Marco Pierre White, Anthony Bourdan, and Gordon O’Reilly, who origanly trained me at Rigsby’s.”

Your Dream Job: “I have always dreamt about eventually being the head chef at Rigsby. Also, I think it would be alot of fun to travel to Europe and work in a small artisan Italian restaurant in the hillside of Tuscany.”

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