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The New Columbus Chefs – David Gobeli

Walker Evans Walker Evans
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This week, Columbus Underground is taking a look at some of the amazing young talent in the kitchens of your favorite local restaurants.

David Gobeli is a transplant from Madison, Wisconsin who got his start attending culinary school and working in various restaurants there before migrating to Columbus. David is currently the lead line cook at Deepwood, and has a love for all things local. “I’ve always had my own garden to grow as much of my own food as possible and preserve much of it to be used in the winter,” he said. “I don’t want to be completely off the grid, but I do aim to buy my food responsibly.”

Name: David Gobeli
Age: 27
Training Experience: “Partial completion of culinary school at the Madison Area Technical College, in Madison, Wisconsin. Mostly I’ve just learned by having great chefs.”
Kitchen Experience: “Lombardino’s Italian Restaurant and Bar, a finer dining neighborhood establishment, and Cocoliquot, a French bistro with traditionally inspired dishes. Both located in Madison.”
Current Job: Lead line cook at DeepWood.

Favorite Cuisine: “I have favorites dishes from all cuisines, but am drawn to Provencal French, Italian and Korean.”

Favorite dish to make: “Anything braised, pickled or kneaded.”

Favorite food to eat: “Again, anything braised, pickled or kneaded.”

Least favorite food: “Processed, out of a box, preservative filled, by-product enhanced so-called ‘food’.”

Favorite Kitchen Utensil: “Oh, but there are so many! I love my 10″ Shun chef knife, and their boning knife is great too. Chinois and china caps are great fun and I love to use a rondeau to stir up a batch of risotto with my favorite wooden spoon.”

Favorite cookbook: “Whichever happens to be near me. I tend to have them stashed all around my house so I can just grab one and read through or get new ideas from. The Food Lovers’ Companion has been an invaluable source of information for me. I do love the food-porn of the Alinea, Fat Duck and El Bulli cookbooks.”

Favorite Columbus Restaurant: “Min-Ga Korean Restaurant on Bethel Rd. My parents lived in Korea before I was born and picked up some of the cuisine. Whenever I eat there it reminds me of the great meals I’ve had growing up.”

Inspirational figures: “Everyone I’ve worked with that gave me a chance to shine and taught me with great patience and respect. Chef Patrick O’Halloran of Lombardino’s in Madison instilled in me the ethics of a great chef. Chef Brian Pawlak and Sous Chef Colin Vent of DeepWood have further developed my knowledge, letting me realize my vision and style of cooking. Of course I am inspired by those like Thomas Keller, Alice Waters, Daniel Boulud, Ferran Adrià, and home cooks such as Julia Child.”

Dream Job: “My dream is to one day, with my partner, open my own restaurant with a farm to work towards local self sustainability. Whatever we aren’t be able to grow or raise, we’d buy locally to whatever extent we could.”

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