The National Buzz Grows Louder for Lydia Loveless

Briana Henry Briana Henry The National Buzz Grows Louder for Lydia Loveless
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After impressing reporters from Spin Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and the LA Times, Coshocton native Lydia Loveless will play a show at Rumba Café on Friday, April 20th. The recent trip to SXSW was incredibly successful with winning over the press as well as gaining new fans. Lydia Loveless will start a tour with dates in Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, just to name a few and is also slated to play at Lost Weekend Records on Saturday, April 21st.

The music is blunt, to the point; I-don’t-give-a-fuck music that packs a serious blow. These words, usually reserved to punk and metal artists, refer to Lydia Loveless; a country singer. A song that stands out, “How Many Women”, from her Indestructible Machine album is about a friend of Loveless’ and says it is a song that is universal for women.

When asked about seeing a write-up of herself in Spin Magazine, Loveless says, “The Spin thing was really exciting for me. It was weird seeing it in there, especially since I had a subscription to Spin growing up”.

So Many members of the press compare Lydia Loveless to Loretta Lynn, and for good reason; she’s just that good. A comparison to a legend such as Loretta Lynn is a huge deal considering the songstress is only 21 years of age. She articulates that “it’s scary to be compared to a Loretta Lynn. She symbolizes a strong woman”.

She says positive press has changed the way some people in Columbus feel about her. She says, “There’s always those people who are like ‘Oh, another Lydia Loveless write-up in the Alive!’ or something. Your hometown is the last place to give a shit about you.”

Some tour essentials include tons of books, cheap pop CDs, makeup, and… water. Peple sould expect the show at Rumba to “have the full band, perform some new songs, and for it to be trashy”.

Be sure to check out the show and buy Lydia a shot of whiskey (she prefers it from the Breckenridge distillery out of Colorado, but I’m sure a shot of Jack will do) at Rumba Café, located at 2507 Summit Street.

Upcoming tour dates can be found at www.bloodshotrecords.com.

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