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The Mug and Brush Sessions Presents: Brian Harnetty

 Josh Fitzwater The Mug and Brush Sessions Presents: Brian Harnetty
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Local avant-garde soundscaper plays The Wex with 700 archived mixed tapes

Armed with two turn tables (no microphone, sorry Beck), a fender Rhodes, and a Macbook, local master of elemental sound Brian Harnetty wants you to be taken by surprise. Truth be told, with his instrumental setup, one has no idea what to expect. But what’s produced is something so alarmingly enchanting and refreshing to the senses that you’ll fall under Brain’s melodic spell.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, Harnetty is a provocateur. His music mashes together his soundscape up against the vinyl sampling of experimental composer Sun Ra. At this point, you should logically be asking yourself, “Who the hell is Sun Ra?!”

Sun Ra, who claims to be from the planet Saturn, was the preeminent ruler of experimental sound from the 1950s-1980s. His music catalog—some 700 tracks—resides at Chicago’s Experimental Sound Studio. Harnetty was invited by the studio to pillage Sun Ra’s vast collection. So like a hipster at a fixed gear bike store, Harnetty pillaged with vigor. The result: Harnetty’s 2013 release The Star-Faced One, his most ambitious music project to date.

Harnetty’s musical chops and experimental sound will bring him to The Wex this Friday where he’ll play along with Lonnie Holley.

The Mug & Brush Sessions is a new YouTube music series that features national and local bands playing stripped down versions of their music in the vintage, intimate setting of the Mug & Brush barbershop.

The Mug & Brush Sessions is a collaboration between the Mug & Brush barbershop owner Jim Morris, audio engineer Keith Hanlon, and FWD: Video & Social Branding. A lifelong patron of independent music, Jim’s vision for the music series was to combine multiple genres of independent music in a stylized, unique environment: His barbershop.

“I’ve supported independent music my entire life and I felt like it was time to give back,” Morris says. “I want fans of music to watch The Mug & Brush Sessions and feel close to the band—to have a visual and auditory experience.”


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