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The Little Donut Shop Now Open

Ayana Wilson Ayana Wilson The Little Donut Shop Now Open
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Gourmet doughnuts are not a new concept in Columbus. Indeed, making the classic doughnut feel new again can be a challenge, but it’s one that the owners at The Big Bar & Grill feel can be done. They’ve opened up The Little Donut Shop on the first floor at 1716 North High Street, directly beneath The Big Bar & Grill on campus.

The Little Donut Shop opened its doors for the first time on September 21st, offering some 15 flavors to the curious public. These included traditional flavors like Powdered Sugar, Vanilla, and Sprinkle, as well as unconventional ones like Raspberry Lemonade, Buckeye, and Maple Bacon.

The doughnuts at The Little Donut Shop are a bit smaller than regular doughnuts, a tribute to the name of the spot, and sell for $1 a piece. Half dozen boxes are available for $5, and a box of a dozen goes for $8.

The Little Donut Shop fully occupies 600 square-feet, and can seat 15-20 diners at a time. John Massimiani and John Kastelic, owners of The Little Bar, The Big Bar & Grill, and The Little Barbershop, decided on a doughnut shop after surveying the campus landscape and noticing a hole (pun intended).

“We decided on doughnuts because we felt that there was a market and audience for something fun and interesting, something not your normal donuts, with OSU right across the street,” shares T.C. Ciardelli, Operations Manager for The Big Bar & Grill. “There are a ton of places to eat and drink around campus, so we wanted something that people hadn’t seen before.”

Currently, The Little Donut Shop is open daily from 9am-4pm. Late night hours should be added soon, and with this addition will also come Tiny Dount Buckets: a 36-piece serving of even smaller doughnuts geared toward filling and fueling those after-party sugar cravings.

For more on The Little Donut Shop and its offerings, check out www.facebook.com/thebigbar.cbus.

Photos by Walker Evans.

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