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The List: 9 Most Endangered Sites of 2021

Brent Warren Brent Warren The List: 9 Most Endangered Sites of 2021A plan to demolish the former Washington Avenue United Methodist Church and build townhomes on the site has been approved. Photo by Brent Warren.
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Columbus Landmarks has released its annual Most Endangered Buildings list, highlighting eight buildings – and one iconic sign – that are at risk of being demolished, redeveloped, or simply left to deteriorate.

This year’s list features three different buildings on Mt. Vernon Avenue, one Downtown building, and two former churches.

The oldest structure on the list was built in the 1908, while the youngest dates to 1961. Here’s the full list, with year built, address, owner, and why Columbus Landmarks believes it to be endangered:

St. Cyprian
Year Built: 1912
Address: 1405, 1407, 1413 Hawthorne Ave.
Owner: Ohio State University
Why Endangered: underutilized, vacant, deteriorated

Tee Jaye’s Neon Sign/Original Jerry’s Drive-In Sign
Year Built: 1961
Address: N. High St. and Morse Rd.
Owner: Shriners Hospitals, Bedel Family Trust
Why Endangered: business change; sign does not meet current zoning code
Read More: Tee Jaye’s Closing in Clintonville, Chick-fil-A Shows Interest in the Site

Central Ohio Federal Savings & Loan
Year Built: 1955
Address: 66 S. Third Ave.
Owner: Capitol Square Ltd.
Why Endangered: vacant; pending redevelopment
Read More: Development Planned for Capitol Square Parking Lots

Pythian Temple
Year Built: 1926
Address: 867 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Owner: York Masons Building Assoc.
Why Endangered: for sale, potential Opportunity Zone redevelopment

OSU Kappa Sigma/Former Robert Neil Mansion
Year Built: 1938
Address: 1842 Indianola Ave.
Owner: The Kappa Sigma House Co.
Why Endangered: local chapter closed; subleased

Original West High School/Former Starling Middle School
Year Built: 1908 and 1950
Address: 120 S. Central Ave.
Owner: Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.
Why Endangered: pending redevelopment
Read More: School Board Votes to Sell Five District Properties

Former East End Savings Bank
Year Built: 1911
Address: 1017 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Owner: Phillips Pharmacy LLC
Why Endangered: underutilized; deteriorated

878 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Year Built: 1910
Owner: Farodonia LLC
Why Endangered: underutilized; deteriorated

Washington Avenue United Methodist Church
Year Built: 1923
Address: 359 E. Markison Ave.
Owner: Devin Jacobs
Why Endangered: pending redevelopment

For more information on each of the buildings, see columbuslandmarks.org.

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