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Trailer Roundup: Morgan, Absolver, The Infiltrator & More

Walker Evans Walker Evans Trailer Roundup: Morgan, Absolver, The Infiltrator & More
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Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone, which means that the summer blockbuster season has begun. If there’s a big movie coming out this summer that you haven’t already seen a half dozen trailers and tv spots for, then you must be living under a rock. Otherwise, the newest trailers this week generally feature quieter films as well as a handful of video games and tv shows.

As always, our “Trailer Roundup” series provides a sampling of what’s coming soon each week for our pop-culture and multimedia-savvy readers. Here’s the latest and greatest:

The Infiltrator

If last year’s Netflix series Narcos didn’t give you enough Pablo Escobar, then get ready for The Infiltrator, a new film that re-tells the story of the notorious drug kingpin and the men who took him down. The film stars Bryan Cranston who’s re-donned his Walter White mustache, and John Leguizamo, who will also be starring in El Patron, a 2017 film about Pablo Escobar. The Infiltrator is out on July 13th.

Beauty and the Beast

Disney continues its new tradition of remaking its entire catalogue of cartoon features into live-action films (see: Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Jungle Book, etc). Next up is Beauty and the Beast, which gets a teaser treatment far in advance of its March 17th, 2017 release. Keep your eyes peeled for future live-action trailers for Cruella, Dumbo and Tinker Bell too.


Most online third-person multiplayer combat games are gun-centric, but Absolver is taking the melee approach. This new game published by indie game darlings Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami, Luftrausers, OlliOlli, Broforce) allows players to customize character combat systems in multiple ways, and allows the storytelling component to play out based upon online interactions. The game won’t be out until sometime in 2017, and is currently planned for PC and PS4.

The Space Between Us

What if the first Martian wasn’t discovered on the red planet, but instead was a human born there during a space mission? The new film The Space Between Us asks that very question in a way that seems a little less scientific and a little more romantic coming-of-age comedy adventure-y. Find out whether or Gardner’s heart can handle the earth’s gravity and whether or not your heartstrings can handle the gravitas of the storytelling on August 19th.

Finding Dory

Pixar’s Finding Dory gets a third (and final?) trailer this week that gives an extended look at the same kind of emotional rollercoaster that the fish from 2003’s Finding Nemo went on previously. Let’s home that the film doesn’t retreat too much of the same ground — er, water — on its second outing. Hits theaters on June 17th.

Bojack Horseman

Not a whole lot revealed in the trailer, but fans of the Will Arnett comedy will be pleased to learn that BoJack returns to Netflix on July 22nd.


Some scientists create some kind of superhuman experiment that quickly gets out of hand. The trailer for Morgan presents a creepy look at the directorial debut from Luke Scott, son of Ridley Scott. Let’s hope that some of the cinematic magic of Alien was passed down through the directorial genes. Hits theaters on September 2nd.

The Little Prince

French animated film The Little Prince was supposed to get a theatrical release back in March, but was dropped by its distributor without any real reason. Netflix to the rescue! The online distributor secured the rights for the film and will release it streaming online on August 5th.

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